Snapchat offers opportunity for diverse content creators

Person holding phone with a Snapchat logo on the screen. CREDIT: EMMA BUTLER
The 523 program is part of Snapchat's ongoing effort to ensure that partners distributing content on the Discover content platform reflect the diversity of Snapchatters and their interests.

Snapchat is calling on content creators and companies from underrepresented groups to apply for its 523 program.

The well-known social media platform, Snapchat is accepting applications until Nov. 1 for its second group of rising content companies. Snapchat’s content accelerator 523 program is a pathway aimed for small content companies and creators from underrepresented groups. It is to ensure the Canadian creator ecosystem reflects the diversity within the community.

The 523 program is part of Snapchat’s ongoing effort to ensure that partners distributing content on the Discover content platform reflect the diversity of Snapchatters and their interests. This includes how Snapchat runs its business, the products that they design, all the way to the content they create.

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The 523 Program Manager at Snapchat, Nathan Starr said he was very pleased with how this program has been helping content companies and creators with their businesses.

“523’s first class of content companies has exceeded expectations – reaching a collective 40 million viewers since the program launched in March. We’re thrilled with their growth and couldn’t be more excited to open applications for a second cohort of participants looking to build a sustainable business as well as a deeper knowledge and presence on Snapchat,” Starr said.

Over the last six months, the first 523 program involving 18 content companies have been working on conceptualizing and filming content with access to resources, mentorship, hands-on learning, and financial backing. With that being a success for Snapchat, the 523 will continue to offer personalized support and funding for more rising content companies and creators to help build their businesses and audience.

One of Snapchat’s inaugural group of 523 participants, Ashten Smith-Gooden of Swish Cultures explained how well this program has done for them.

 “523 has been a game changer for us as a small, Black-owned basketball media company,” Smith-Gooden said in a statement. “Not only are we able to incorporate a new revenue model and connect with Gen-Z, but now we are able to really test our creativity and shift our focus to scaling our brand.”

Participants who are eligible for 523 are groups whose ownership is by people from underrepresented groups (at least 51 per cent of the company is owned by people from one or more underrepresented groups). They must also be a company whose gross revenue in 2022 is less than ten million. Lastly, eligible companies need to have less than 30 full-time employees.

Over the course of one year, participants of the 523 program receive $10,000 USD a month in financial backing, as well as one-on-one mentoring, partner education, exposure and marketing, and community engagement to 15 selected applicants. If you’re interested in applying visit: