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DVD Review: Classic Simpsons moments in Season 9

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 8th, 2007

The Simpsons Season 9

I love December because not only is it my birthday month (send all late cards to my hotmail address, please), but because during the last three years Fox has put out a new Simpsons set for the holidays. We were blessed this time around with Season 9, which has many, many great moments. Let's run down some of the gems on this DVD:

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson — You have to give it up for the show to start its ninth season with this hilarious episode. Homer has to travel to New York City to pick up his car after Barney steals it and goes on a two month bender. While this sounds easy, Homer is convinced that New York is out to get him and after crying with laughter, you'll also be convinced.

The Joy of Sect — This great episode introduces a cult that takes Springfield by storm. The Movementarians want Springfield to use all their money and manpower to help “The Leader.” If you've watched the show, I'm sure you've sang “The Leader” theme (the parody of the old “Batman” theme song), or have questioned when “this” free weekend is to one of your friends.

The Last Temptation of Krusty — Poor Krusty seems to be showing his old age and old “non-PC” ways with his material. After offending an audience, Krusty vows to quit the comedy business only to revive his career at the same time. Will Krusty stick to his new ways or will he go back to yelling “me so sorry?”

Trash of the Titans — Finally, we get the 200th Emmy -winning episode in DVD quality. Steve Martin guest stars as Roy Patterson- the trash manager of Springfield. When Homer decides to run against him, Homer over promises and doesn't deliver. What happens is hilarious and produces one of the finest episodes ever created.

If these four episodes aren't enough to convince you to pick up this set, remember that you get 21 other episodes in crisp DVD picture and sound quality (although the picture isn't as crisp as other seasons for some reason). You also get the usual extras of commentary on every episodes, easter eggs and (the most fun) deleted scenes.

The packaging comes in a deluxe form (Lisa head) or the usual box. Both sets come with a really cool bonus: post cards that are replicas of Rolling Stone magazine covers that have featured The Simpsons.

Completists need this season and even if it may not be the best overall season, this one will have you laughing way more than any of the recent seasons on TV.
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