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Peter's Web Links: Links to online gaming

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 8th, 2007

I'm sure that many of you spent quite a bit of time on the Internet during the holidays and this is where I need your help. It's quite time consuming to surf every week to find new and exciting things, so your New Year Resolution should be to start sending me submissions for this column. If you send me something and it gets published, you'll get your name printed and my own personal two thumbs up! Isn't that great? On to this week's crazy crap…

Speed Demos Archive
This is one really cool site where you can watch speed gamers' footage of them conquering games in mere minutes. Watch as old classics that made some of us pull out our hair (like the old NES Batman or Castlevania games) get beat in 15-20 minutes. If that's not good enough for you, many current games are also listed and have footage. Another bonus to this site is that some of the games have codes that you can put into your Myspace or website so others can watch the joys of speed gaming.

Classic Gaming
If you got yourself a Wii or Xbox 360 this holiday and are playing some classics, look no further than this site to give you some classic gaming reviews and news. I really like the Game Museum column where the author gives his current take on the classics.

If you want to see one of the weirdest video game shows on the net, look no further than this site. Endorsed by MTV and having been featured in Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, these do-it-yourself gamers have put together a show that is one part geek and two part nerd.

Farting In Infrared?
Mind you, you can type “farting infrared” into Youtube to find this instead of typing the above. But if you do type the above link in, you'll get some good farting action! Never before have you witnessed a fart that looks like this (unless you and your friends have that one buddy, like me, who can do blue angels like no one else). It's almost like watching someone fart dust!

Horny Manatee
If you missed this little skit on Conan O'Brien, make sure that you check out the wonder that is the Horny Manatee. Watch the Manatee dry hump things! Watch the Manatee get all sexual! Watch your drunk friend think that this Manatee is really sexy and want to get with it! Fun will ensue, guaranteed (not a guarantee).
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