Graduation season: Are students ready?

Depending on some programs, it can take students longer to find jobs within their field.

It’s the time of the year when students become graduates and venture into the world to start their careers. Depending on what the graduate does, it is very interesting to see if they end up in their career choice or end up working in something completely different. So how are students feeling as they embark on their next journey?

Kole Dupuis will be graduating from the television and film broadcast production program and knows exactly what he wants to do when his time at Fanshawe comes to an end.

“After I graduate, my plan is to work as a freelancer who subcontracts jobs through a company and do some photography and videography for weddings, events, real estate and more,” said Dupuis. “My future plan for my career is to work freelance for a while to build up my finances. To be able to move out of the house to a bigger city to find a job in the television industry possibly with CBC or Bell.”

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Depending on some programs, it can take students longer to find jobs within their field. Dupuis explained that with broadcast it is a little harder to find a job right away because most of the time opportunities come through connections. He stated that you start off small and work your way up the ladder, hoping to create a name for yourself in the broadcast industry.

Other examples of why graduates don’t get into their field right away could be that they don’t have grit. Meaning that they would rather find an easy job to get money and not worry about trying hard to get into a job within their career path. Other reasons could be that they decided that it’s not for them and either go back to school or find another path and work in that industry.

“I think that most graduates don’t get a job in their field because they are sometimes too lazy,” Dupuis said. “They don’t always have the go-getter attitude that is needed for some of the jobs in the industry so they just get by on their nine-to-five, working minimal effort and doing little to no extra tasks or learning. It’s not that they lack the education needed but more so they lack the enthusiasm to go get a job and find new things within the job.”

But not all graduates are looking to hit the ground running right out of college. Student Gibson Szafran will also be graduating this year, but said he is ready for a break.

“As soon as school is over, I’m taking a break. It’s been non-stop for two years. Pressure, anxiety, worry. Whatever, I’m taking a break,” said Szafran. “Right after that, I plan on producing a script from another student. In the meantime, trying to find some videography gigs to pay the bills. Film is the only thing I have loved like I do, and I refuse to leave it behind.”

While there could be many reasons why graduates don’t find jobs within their field right after school, Szafran explained the importance of taking time off between high school and post-secondary.

“I had two years after high school to process my life and who I was. I almost went into culinary, then real estate, then general business, before I decided I needed some avenue into film. Taking that time changed my life for the better, and made me realize I don't have to rush. I am happy with where I am because I wasn’t right back into school. And fear plays a big part of it, because the world is scary.”