Fanshawe and Western agreement offers discount for faculty enrolling in continuing education

An exterior sign that has the Fanshawe logo on it, with flowers in front. CREDIT: FSU PUBLICATIONS DEPARTMENT
Once employees complete the courses they are given microcredential certificates or "badges" that show their completion of the specific program.

Fanshawe College and Western University have partnered to provide broader access to professional development and learning opportunities for faculty and staff at both institutions. The joint partnership offers employees a 10 per cent discount, taking effect immediately.

Through this pathway, employees are able to take certain courses and earn microcredentials that give more flexibility for a career change as well as adding to their skill set. This is just one of many partnerships between the two education institutions. This particular joint initiative focuses on employees who are wanting a career change and to resume part-time studies that accommodate their work schedule.

Mary Pierce, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Information Technology & Part-time Studies at Fanshawe, explained how both institutions thought it was important and beneficial for people of both work communities to be able to use the services they offer to further enhance their careers.

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“We’ve been working together with Western on continuing education for some time and one thing that would benefit the community and all of our employees is if we both offer an employee discount on our continuing education program,” Pierce said.

The program offers employees the access to a wide course catalogue to choose from and enroll in that suits their academic vision and goals.

“There’s a tremendous number. We just thought it would benefit everybody if everyone could take advantage of our programing,” Pierce said.

The College alone offers 60 courses for students to choose from who wish to join the continuing education program. Western offers a wide selection of courses that take less time for students to complete and is also flexible for people’s schedules.

“Our flexible programming allows students to design their learning journey, with the option to take one course or stack multiple courses toward a certificate,” said Nicole Tate-Hill, acting Director of Western Continuing Studies.

Pierce also believes that this is very beneficial for the employees as it gives them the opportunity they may have not had before to expand their skill set and learn more as they work while also forging a stronger connection between both schools. “We think it gives our employees access to some education and training opportunities that they might not have and also allows us to reach out to all the Western employees. And for both of us, potentially, it could mean more growth,” Pierce said.

Once employees complete the courses they are given microcredential certificates or “badges” that show their completion of the specific program.