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All-robot band captures its audiences with catchy tunes and a great back story

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 3rd, 2005

Over the summer I experienced one of the most interesting live performances that I've ever been subjected to; Captured! By Robots.

Captured! By Robots is an all robot band that is led by the horribly mutated (onstage only) human, J-BOT. The story goes like this; the robots DRMBOT 0110 and GTRBOT666 turned on their human creator, modified him, told him to build other musically inclined robots and take them on tour where they could preach their robot messages and take over the world.

What kind of music do they play? Well, it's a mix between rock, metal, funk, some rap and even a touch of death metal (listen to “I Don't Like Your Techno”). Even when the modified human, J-BOT, leaves the stage after being told off by the robots, they proceed to taunt the audience with songs like “We Are Superior” and “Fuck Off.”

J-BOT isn't just surrounded by negativity, though. For support, he turns to the Ape Which Hath No Name and Son of the Ape Which Hath No Name who are both looking for the meaning of love and life in general. When they aren't being philosophical, they also play the tambourine and the crash cymbals.

This was one of the neatest things I've ever seen, period. Yes, the music may be a little bland at times, but these are robots, people! ROBOTS THAT PLAY MUSIC! If you want to check stuff out, go to and download some video or audio. At the show, I purchased the “Captured! Alive!” CD/DVD set and a nifty looking t-shirt. If anyone wants to get a feel for this live act, buying that set is definitely the way to go.

I suggest that if J-BOT and Captured! By Robots come back to London, you have to go see this act for yourself. It just may prepare you when toasters take over our house and play Yanni all the time. I hope that never happens, but those robots made me really think about the possibilities of complete robotic domination. Oh, and good rock music, too.

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