DVD Review: Hot Fuzz delivers plenty of action and laughs

When I first saw Shaun of the Dead, I thought it was a masterpiece. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg wrote and starred in one of the funniest zombie movies ever. The movie also had its fair share of gore — something I quite enjoy. So when Hot Fuzz was being promoted, I thought it was going to be just a plain cop movie with some British humour thrown in. Little did I realize that when I sat down to watch this on DVD, all my inferences about this movie were going to be totally shotdown.

Hot Fuzz does have the dry British humour found in Shaun of the Dead but it also has quite a bit of dark humour, something I didn't think this movie was going to touch. It can also be considered a satire — poking fun at many cop movies.

Not to go into the plot in huge specifics (because that's what make this movie so great), but we find cop extraordinaire, Nick Angel is sent to a small village to work after the chief of police and his higher ups are sick of Nick showing up all the other officers and making them look lazy (which they are). Nick appears in the little town miles away from the city only to find cops that are even more useless and lazy. The town never seems to have any crime — right from the get go, the worst thing that is happening in the town are some kids that seem to be loitering.

From this point on, “accidents” happen and the town seems oblivious to what is happening, which makes you start guessing as to what is happening, who the “bad guy” is and how the movie is going to end. I'll tell you this: you won't see anything coming. The movie is such a roller coaster of laughs, action and puzzling sequences that it will keep you entertained right under the end.

This DVD is also packed with special features. Of course you get the mandatory director/actor commentaries, but the deleted scenes, featurettes and making of documentary are actually fun to watch. I attribute this to Wright and Pegg just being fun guys to watch.

Movies of this calibre come along once every so often. Your expectations going in aren't high and just when you think you know what's going on and how the show will end, something else just seems to happen. Because of that, this movie is worth owning and watching again and again on DVD.