Pete's Links: Surfing these sites time well wasted

Every year I do this column there comes a time where, once school settles in, I always revisit some of the top sites that I go to. I do this because not only are these sites always full of information (or awesome entertainment), but I also want them to get as much exposure as they can get. Here we go with some of my favourite sites.

Dog Judo
I'm always ranting and raving about this site. I'm listing it again for the simple fact that EVERYONE has to check this site out and hail Dog Judo. I never knew that dogs led such interesting lives. The only downside of this site is that I want MORE dog judo and the episodes just don't seem to be produced as fast as many other humour sites. Hopefully the increased web hits from this listing will kick the creators in the butt to produce more DOG JUDO!

Blabbermouth/The PRP and
These two sites I mention every year because they are two of the best places to read all the latest news in the world of hard rock and metal. The reviews aren't the best in the world (mind you, neither are mine), but you can at least get a feel for where an album's direction is heading. The best part about Blabbermouth are the message boards where people flame or hail each other's bands or each other while the PRP lists a pretty good release schedule for upcoming CDs.

This has been a staple site for me since I started this column. For us gen-Xers, this is still one of the best sites on the Internet. It has had a loyal following for years and touches on many nostalgic movies, toys and commercials. Site writer and designer Matt is one of my favourite writers on the Internet and has “blogged” way before “blogging” became a term that makes me puke. Enjoy this one for many, many, many hours, people! Make sure you search for “chinchilla.”

Winnebago Man
WARNING! EXPLICT LANGUAGE! This is the funniest crap ever! I guess this is an infomercial or something for Winnebagos. The only problem is that the spokesperson is always messing up his lines and going on a vulgar tangent afterwards. Share this one with your friends! I put it on my Myspace immediately. I've watched this one over and over again for the past year. Too bad this guy isn't getting any royalties from this video.

Astral Reflections
I think horoscopes are interesting but I don't live my life by them. The scary thing about this site is that the author of the site actually seems to be pretty dead on with some of his predictions. I know that you can look back on a week long of predictions and find some kind of link, but I have to say that I'm usually impressed with the weekly forecasts. Give this site a shot if you like trying to find out what will happen in your future!