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Around the Ring: McMahon - Triple H show registers a big boring

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 1st, 2007

This column is going to be way shorter than usual because I frankly don't have all that much to talk about concerning last week's Raw and Smackdown programs. Smackdown's wedding completely bombed with the ratings and the crowd could be heard chanting “we want wrestling” throughout the program. A WWE Diva and GM getting married equaling ratings? I guess when your roster is lacking and people are out on suspension, you have to make due, right? Wrong. People who don't watch wrestling could have written a better show.

Speaking of writing a better show, the Triple H/McMahon two hour show, I mean, Raw, was truly horrible. Barely ANY wrestling occurred at all! The cage match was a joke, only used to launch another McMahon vs. face wrestler feud while Triple H got his ego stroked by totally destroying Carlito. I bet TNA looks better to Carlito after the past couple of weeks he's had on the program.

Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin (plus the two ladies) was good and the only saving grace of the show because it sure wasn't the long and drawn out John Cena crap. My goodness, does anyone care anymore about what they're doing with titles, wrestlers and TV time. I pray to the heavens that TNA's two hour timeslot helps revive a war between companies...I just wish TNA was a live show.

Speaking of TNA, last week's show wasn't too bad. We saw Kurt Angle vs. Sting heat up a bit, the sure signs of Team Crapman (I mean, Pacman) losing the belts at the next PPV and Judas Mesias attacking Sting at the end of last week's program, giving us an interesting cliff hanger ending.

With “Bound For Glory” coming up (TNA's Wrestlemania), I was hoping that they would have also hyped up Team 3D's match and set up other matches. All I can say again is that TNA is really going to benefit from a two hour show, as long as the writers take advantage of the time. Hear that WWE?
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