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Students celebrate end to Project Learn

Benny White | Distorter Media | Distorter | October 8th, 2007

Fleming Drive and Thurman Circle area residents put on one heck of a street kegger to celebrate the end of the London Police Departments Project Learn.

“What better way to give thanks than on the Thanksgiving long weekend then to celebrate with a few pints with your neighbours,” said Jim Hoffer, a party organizer. “For the last month or so with the fuzz hanging around they really put a crimp in our partying.”

The Saturday night event attracted a plethora of people, and Hoffer, who was charging $20 entry to the street that included an all you can drink ticket. Hoffer estimated about a 1000 people turned out for the event.

“Oh yeah it was rocking,” said Hoffer. “The only sour note was when those groups from Scarborough and Etobicoke came down. They brought their own cases of brew and then they starting hurtling bottles all over the place. It was crazy, sort of like Beirut in 1982.”

The cluster of fun included a number of sorority girls and frat boys from Western, who were admittedly out scouting how to party properly.

“Our frat parties are like choir school compared to this,” said Philip Poindexter. “I don't know how we would even replicate this and how we'd keep our sisters from partying with these animals.”

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