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Around the Ring: Cena surprise winner

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | February 4th, 2008

Well, the 2008 Royal Rumble has come and gone and I have to say that for the most part, I was quite impressed. Let's break down the show:

MVP vs. Flair was a decent start. You knew Flair wasn't going to lose this one, so it was a good way to warm up the audience. MVP sold Flair well and the tap out from the Figure Four was the way to end it.

Y2J vs. JBL - We all knew that this one really wasn't going to involve much wrestling. Jericho got cut up pretty badly during this match. I can't believe that Y2J got disqualified over a chair shot that happened outside the ring. Boy, the crowd tore them to shreds when Y2J went for a bulldog on JBL and the move was botched. This one should lead to a Hell in the Cell match.

Edge vs. Mysterio - Speaking of the crowd being vocal, I have no clue as to why they were booing Mr. 619 so much! It seems like Rey couldn't do anything to please the crowd. Some people have reported this match as being sloppy, but I didn't notice anything too out of the ordinary. This was an entertaining match where Edge picked up the win.

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy - This was the match I paid to see. Hardy practically dominated Orton most of the match and gave some pretty cool high flying spots! The match ended (surprisingly) abruptly when Orton caught Hardy in an RKO and got the pin. The crowd definitely didn't like the outcome of this one (neither did I, but more on that later).

The Royal Rumble match - I think this match was one of the more entertaining Rumbles in recent years. The pacing of the match, highlighted by ‘Taker and HBK starting off together was perfect. The big surprise of the night, like you all have heard by now, was the return of John Cena. I'm a “in the middle” Cena fan, but I marked out huge because I couldn't believe that NO ONE saw this coming! I love being surprised during PPVs and because WWE hadn't done something surprising in so long (in a good way), this hit the spot. Cena ended up throwing HHH out to win the Rumble... which brings us to Raw and Hardy again.

On Raw, Cena said that he didn't want to wait until Wrestlemania to fight for the belt. This was a relief because this means that hopefully Hardy will win the Elimination Chamber match, get the redemption for his RR loss, and go on to face Orton or Cena at Wrestlemania and win the gold.

I don't think that WWE would match two baby-faces against each other this year, so I have a funny feeling that someone is going to cause Cena to lose at the next PPV and Cena will fight that person at WM. The only other thing I can think of is a triple threat or a fatal four-way match happening at WM. We'll see how the next PPV unfolds in ONLY THREE WEEKS!!?!?!?! At least I'll have “Family Day” off the day after the PPV!
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