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Smackdown PPV not worth the dough

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 24th, 2005

I'd like to offer props to Tony Vancouver for covering for me last week, especially since I wasn't too impressed or motivated to write about wrestling last week. Not only was the Smackdown-brand PPV mind numbing, but so was the second RAW back on USA. The PPV's results seem to be just what you'd expect if you were watching Smackdown for free…not for $35. Yeah, I didn't buy the PPV, I read the results and I feel happy with that. If you parted with your dough for the Smackdown PPV and were happy with it, please email me and let me know…so I can laugh at you.

Last week's Smackdown still went nowhere but at least we're going to get a decent match out of Booker T and Benoit this week. I smell a good feud starting, which they both need.

RAW was a little better for their third week. Ric Flair cut an excellent promo and Foley was great on the mic, which made for some good segments. Speaking of being on the mic, the Coach CAN NOT carry RAW even with the comedy relief the King brings. There were so many times I listened to Coach and cringed. You could even hear the King cringe and it was great that he attacked the Coach every chance he could get. Coach couldn't even think of a comeback to the King's remarks.

Is anyone else worried that RAW wants to go back to the Attitude era? Are we going to see another long Austin/McMahon feud? I guess that's why Linda and Stephanie are getting more involved. Wouldn't it be great to have this feud go on for a little bit and then have McMahon announce that Hogan is his new personal bodyguard? That would set up WM 22 so right. I don't want another babyface vs. babyface match. I want one of these two to go into that match with some serious heat and aligning with McMahon would cause that kind of heat.

New diva Mickie James didn't have an impressive start in a less than stellar three-on-three match. If you didn't catch it, well, Victoria was the only opponent in the ring and Ashley wasn't even tagged in once (so I think). What a waste of TV time.

If you didn't catch it, The Hurricane unmasked last night during the commercial break and slapped Rosey. I guess the WWE really wants to promote it's unlimited service where fans are now either supposed to run to the net to watch RAW during the commercial breaks or just stay away from TV in general and get all the action online. Now that I think of it, no wonder they had three commercial breaks during the HBK/Carlito match. What a crappy match that was…HBK was useless for the first two segments and then it became a slapping match in the third where HBK pulled through to win. I like commercials!

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