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Uncovering Popular Sex Myths

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | | October 14th, 2008

MYTH: You are not at risk for getting sexually transmitted diseases if you receive oral sex.

FACT: It is true that many STD's can in fact be transmitted through oral sex while giving or receiving. Herpes and gonorrhea are two of the most common infections that are easily gotten this way. For example, if a male has herpes on his mouth and performs oral on a female, it is very possible for her to get infected. The same can occur if a female is infected and performs fellatio on a male. As a result the herpes will spread to the male's genitals.

MYTH: A woman cannot get pregnant while she is menstruating.

FACT: This is completely false! The risk levels differ from woman-to-woman because each woman ovulates at different times. Sperm can stay alive and active in the woman's reproductive tract for up to seven days. The egg survives for 24 hours after ovulation. So there are the facts. A woman can get pregnant seven days before her menstruation cycle.

MYTH: If you fantasize about members of the same sex as you, you must be gay!

FACT: It is during our teen years we start to develop various parts of ourselves. We start thinking about whom it might be nice to be with and just exactly whom we are attracted to. Sometimes people fantasize for a number of different reasons, and either way this is not a clear indicator that that is how real life is going to be or end up. It depends on the individual to exactly what they choose to do with their ‘fantasy'. Explore your own feelings and don't be misguided by what others think.

MYTH: All women bleed the first time they have sex.

FACT: In reality, yes women may bleed as a result to having sex for the first time. But the truth is the hymen can be broken many other ways prior to ever having sex. If a woman chooses to use tampons, they can break the hymen causing it to bleed.

If a woman's hymen is not broken by tampons and therefore broken during intercourse, then there was still a large part of the hymen covering the vaginal opening.

MYTH: Even if we pretend masturbation is ‘OK', it is wrong.

FACT: In our society when a person masturbates, it is perceived as being wrong and immoral. There are specific cultures that don't believe masturbation should be performed therefore giving a person a negative attachment to something that is really, quite all right!!

Masturbation allows an individual to release sexual tension without having to worry about STD's or perhaps unwanted pregnancy. On the plus side of things, masturbation allows a person to explore parts of their bodies to figure out what they find pleasurable therefore being able to communicate that with a partner.

MYTH: Women only orgasm during intercourse.

FACT: Every woman is different. One woman can orgasm only while having sex and the next woman perhaps only through foreplay. The most sensitive part of a woman's vagina is her clitoris. It is the clitoris that is filled with nerve endings that cause a woman to have an orgasm.
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