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Around the Ring: Picks for next PPV

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 27th, 2008

Well, another Raw and Smackdown before a PPV has come and gone and once again the shows were nothing more than filler.

Both shows actually did NOTHING to try to entice anyone to buy the PPV. I still can't believe that WWE is expecting people to shell out $35 (instead of $30) PLUS spend money to text their votes in (thank goodness it's only the US fans they're taking advantage of.

Here are my picks for one of the (usually) most boring PPVs WWE puts on each year (can't you tell I just LOVE Cyber Sundays?)

WWE Championship (WWE Universe chooses challenger)
Don't think for a second that this is going to be a triple threat match with HHH coming out on top. If they give the belt to Valdmir Kozlov before Jeff Hardy, I'll break my TV. The only surprise that could come from this is Hardy getting the belt and a “you better prove yourself if you want to keep it match” between Hardy and HHH at Survivor Series.

Undertaker vs. Big Show (WWE Universe chooses type of match)
I'm guessing this one will be a last man standing match with Big Show taking the win so Undertaker can end the feud in a Hell in the Cell at Survivor Series.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Batista (WWE Universe chooses referee)
Please…Stone Cold will ref this one but don't be surprised if the other “refs” get involved somehow. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if HBK or Randy Orton get “voted” in but Stone Cold still shows up. Jericho will win this one.

Kane vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE Universe chooses type of match)
Falls count anywhere and No Holds Barred are basically the same thing but we'll see this match officially be a NHB match so Rey can use weapons to get a win over Kane. Next feud guys, please.

ECW Championship Match (WWE Universe chooses Matt Hardy's opponent)
Mark Henry? Pfft, no. No one wants to see him. Finley? He's fun to watch, but nope! We're going to see Evan Bourne get his first PPV exposure and don't be surprised if he does get the win. If not, Hardy will just barely win but Bourne will be the winner with the fans AND show why he's going to be one of the fastest rising stars ever in the company.

Cyber Sunday Preview Match (WWE Universe chooses United State Champion Shelton Benjamin's opponent)
It'll be R-Truth with Benjamin getting the win.

Intercontinental Championship Match (WWE Universe chooses Santino Marella's opponent)
This one is a little hard to call. I know it WON'T be Golddust and Piper does show up every now and then. The Honky Tonk Man hasn't done too much except bash and critique WWE and wrestling on the Internet over the past five or more years. I'll say Honky comes to do the J.O.B. and cross my fingers.

Pick the Tag Team Match
WWE has not made me care for a long time about tag team wrestling or the belts in the division, so I don't care about this.

WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest
T and A? That's all this thing is for.

Speaking of TNA, the episode coming off of the hot Bound For Glory PPV blew. NOTHING happened except to tease this week's (at the time of writing) Impact that will debut in HD! My thoughts on Booker's briefcase surprise, some heavily hyped matches and Mick Foley's announcement comes next week with my two cents on the Cyber Sunday PPV.
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