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Pete's Links: Online videos to make your stomach turn

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | November 3rd, 2008

Guy puts coins up his nose
Yes, putting things up your nose is amusing when you're five but when you're a young man, I'm not too sure the fun factor is there. If you still like watching people try to put an abundance of coins in their nostrils and then trying to blow them out, this video is for you.

Nokia commercial
We all know that the majority of cell phone commercials make as much sense as the three year contracts, locked phones, and hidden fees on your cell phone bill itself, but this commercial takes the cake. I'm not even sure it IS for a cell phone. Watch in awe as you see a basketball player walking a goat, a motorcycle driving lobster, a diver who wants to dive into a bowl of soup and more wacky antics. This is my kind of commercial.

One mean brother
We all have enjoyed a little bit of sibling rivalry, right (well, that is if you do have a sibling), but this little boy takes it to the extreme. His little sister is running down a sand hill and he has the urge to trip her which results in one nasty faceplant. I can believe that the parent filming this didn't lose it immediately.

Tornado flips a bus (type in “Tornado in Poland 08/15/2008”).
For some reason, I have nightmares about tornados (I hope it's not an omen or anything), so when I saw this clip, I was a little freaked out. Amateur video from the inside of the bus captures a tornado heading for the bus and eventually flipping it over. Eight people were sent to the hospital, but thankfully no one was killed.

Child tossing
At about 2:35 in the video, the woman filming says, “I'm pretty sure this is considered child abuse.” Watch this video as these two fathers play catch with kids. I couldn't imagine if one of them missed the child.
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