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Around the Ring: Waiting for HBK to snap

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | January 12th, 2009

Wow! So much has happened in the WWE since our “break,” so here's a recap of some major angles and then a quick look at the upcoming TNA PPV!

- Jeff Hardy finally did it! He became WWE champion! I was so happy when I saw this go down on the PPV in December. If Hardy can stay clean, I think having Hardy as champion (or at least chasing after whoever may have the belt after him) will be gold for the company. On a side note, seeing the Hardy's, Matt and Jeff, with major singles titles is so cool.

- Speaking of Jeff Hardy, rumour has it that his girlfriend may be used in an upcoming angle. In addition, Christian's role when he comes back to the company will be that he was responsible for the “beat down” of Jeff Hardy in the apartment building.

- HBK is up to his neck in debt (yeah, right) so he's now JBL's man servant. At first I didn't like this angle because it's just not that believable but Michaels performance over the past few weeks (even just with his facial expressions) and the obstacles that people are throwing at him have made me actually tune in to these segments. HBK is probably going to snap at the Royal Rumble and lead up to a match with JBL at WrestleMania 25.

- The Elimination Chamber is probably coming back for February's No Way Out PPV

- Vince McMahon, the crazed boss himself, will be back on Raw in two weeks.

On the TNA side of things, here's the rundown of this Sunday's PPV (as of the time of writing this):

Six man war: Mick Foley, AJ Styles & Brother Devon vs. Legends Champion Booker T, Kevin Nash and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
I don't think this match will have much pizzazz. The main selling point is Foley returning to the ring. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't take any hardcore hits and AJ Styles carries this whole match. I'm going to say that the members of the Main Event Mafia will take this one to keep the feud going.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship match: “The War Machine” Rhino vs. champion “The Icon” Sting
Sting wins. Is that any surprise? Expect a decent match out of Rhino, though.

Grudge match — return: Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle vs. TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett
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