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Films ready for primetime

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | April 20th, 2009

Film students showcase their year's work on screen

During the last eight months, students from the Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe College have been working non-stop to produce some of the most intriguing documentaries audiences have yet to see.

On Saturday, April 25 the AFM Film Festival will be in full swing at Fanshawe.

Sylvia Nagy who studied Electronics prior to Fanshawe and T.J. Alston, who holds a degree from the University of Western Ontario in Film Studies, are both presently enrolled in the Advanced Film Making program at Fanshawe College.

Both students will have their docs featured at the event beginning at 7-10 pm, alongside approximately 15 other students who are eager to show their films.

“It was definitely a unique experience,” said Nagy, about working on the documentaries.

The course, which runs for a total of 12 months, will showcase the works of both first and second term students enrolled in the advanced program.

“These films are a huge part of the semester and they (students) devote the entire semester to their films. It is very close to being in the ‘real' industry where their films start from pitching the projects through to the final postproduction and marketing of the films,” said Adamm Liley, a Professor of the Advanced Film Making program at Fanshawe College.

Nagy mentioned students were given a full four weeks to complete the docs with no in-class instruction.

“We had to work independently,” she added.

The Film Festival will showcase the best in student filmmaking. The films will include a variety of genres from Documentary to Narrative, all of which the chosen best will be presented.

Both Alston and Nagy made note how time consuming editing and producing the documentaries were, which in turn made them appreciate the endless hours they put into their projects.

“There is a large diversity of films, which will be presented at the event,” said Alston.

Alston added how much the films have improved from years ago. The props, the sets used and even with the upgrades on equipment have made a tremendous difference when working on the docs this year.

As for what Nagy thought about the creation of her documentary ‘Magic Elevator', the over all process was “one wild ride.”

Nagy added the films that will be showcased would be some of the highest quality films to have come out of London in a long time.

Throughout the course of the evening, documentaries will be shown followed by an awards ceremony outlining the best of the best, stated the pair.

“We (students) all did our best and worked very hard on the documentaries,” Alston said.

Nagy credits a huge portion of her over all success to the mentoring she received by the great professors of the program.

Both Alston and Nagy will be graduating come August and are working hard to gain experience as interns in their chosen fields of work.

Advanced tickets are presently on sale at the Biz Booth for $10 a person and $12 at the door. For further details regarding the AFM Film Festival, please join their Facebook group AFM Film Fest and how you too can be part of an extraordinary night.
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