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Calling out Kimbo Slice

Trent Williams | Interrobang | Sports | October 26th, 2009

The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter has turned into the Kimbo Slice Show more than anything else and it's becoming the exact thing that UFC president Dana White had criticized EliteXC of doing when Slice was fighting for their organization.

With the mauling of Slice more than two weeks behind us now, it's been teased a countless number of times that Slice, the main attraction to The Ultimate Fighter season 10 is going to be making a comeback on the show to fight once again in hopes of winning the six figure contract.

I may come off as a Slice basher but I am really not, I just can't stand the way this guy is marketed. He's not a mixed martial artist, he's a street brawler, he just throws hands and has a limited ground game, with decent take down defense. I would be all for the UFC promoting Slice if he was a legitimate fighter, but realistically at this point in time on the show he's not. There should be no reason for consideration to bring him back over anyone else that has lost on the show, other than the fact that his name is Kimbo Slice.

I didn't want to make an opinion on the Kimbo situation until I had seen the show and it's now comfortable to do so. Having Slice as the cornerstone to TUF10, though it brings in ratings is questionable at best. Where does the UFC's heart really lie? I think with the move to bring Slice in and build him up after years of bashing him and bashing everything around him was unjust. It would be one thing to have him be like the other 15 people in the TUF house and he is just ‘another fighter' on the show, but from day one they built the guy up higher than the Eiffel Tower.

The worst part about the whole Slice-UFC situation is that in no way do I find this to be Slice's fault. He had the same problem in EliteXC that caused so many people to hate him. In the house, he comes off as a decent, humble man. In training he works his ass off, he gives 110 per cent no matter what the drill or how good or bad he is at it. Slice is certainly making the effort training at some of the top camps around North America, but at his age of 35 years-old, he's certainly no Randy Couture or Brett Favre if you will and as we all know, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

The problem is the way he is marketed. Under the EliteXC banner, he was a tough guy from the streets, he'd eat you alive and spit you out after, he was a real badass and that was all there was to it. Now in the UFC, they are billing him up like he's already a superstar, when he's anything but. Slice can't compete with none of the top 10 in the heavyweight division; he's a top 20 fighter at the very best, so why throw him up there in the ranks like he's someone to be marveled over?

I look forward to the day when Slice comes out and speaks for himself and says what kind of fighter he really thinks he is. Does he feel he's the next UFC heavyweight champion or does he think he's a street fighter trapped in a cage?
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