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Fun and Fitness: Three tips to achieving your ideal physique!

Rick Melo | Interrobang | Sports | October 26th, 2009

Be prepared for the fall-season with Fitness 101's three-point-plan to attain/maintain your desired physique. With colder weather approaching, excuses for bleak dieting and exercising will undoubtedly increase. So be prepared with some very simple yet effective tips to keep you going strong.

Get out, have fun, exercise!

Can't make time to get outside? Who are we trying to kid? It's still fairly warm out! Now is the time to start planning some of those outdoor activities that you may have put off for the majority of the summer. Many of us have gym memberships that suffice for the most part. Keep in mind that early on in the fall semester still provides us with limitless opportunities and alternatives to mix things up with fun outdoor active living. So get out there and get involved! You may even discover new hobbies along the way.

Don't forget the key to success — healthy dieting!

Many of you worked hard through diet to get to your desired weight for the very recent beach season. In order to maintain your achieved goal, don't ever forget what got you there! The fall season is an extremely busy time for most of us. This can lead to poor food choices that can actually make for a “fall-out of fitness” so to speak. Keep up the good habits that got you where you want to be in terms of goal-setting and achievements! Balance is essential to happiness.

Everything in moderation — including alcohol!

Winter often gets the bad rep for heavy alcohol consumption. Autumn is definitely not the “sober season” of the year either. It is very easy to consume a lot of calories through beverages without even realizing you are. This is especially true when one is amongst great company at a pub. Not only does alcohol provide many insufficient nutrient calories, it can lead to a following day of fatigue and lack of desire for healthy food choices. Make an effort to draw the line.
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