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Call me old-fashioned but...

Rose Cora Perry | Interrobang | Opinion | January 11th, 2010

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Looking for YOUR weekly dose of reality? No sugar added, of course!

Imbued with a brand new concept, Rose Cora Perry, creator of the music insight/advice column, “So You Wanna be in a Rock Band?,” has resurrected her career as a columnist with Interrobang to harken readers back to the “good old days.”

Before technology, before complication, before the world's (or at least North America's) embracement of a, “bigger, better, faster, more,” mentality... Perry reflects on how things have changed, what got lost in translation, and what we, as a society, can AND should do about it.

Covering everything from dating to pop culture to the declining prevalence of religion in our lives, living up to her fiery horoscope, this rock‘n'roll Leo certainly knows how to pack a punch (not to mention a good guitar wail).

Controversial, yet pointed (and most definitely timely), “Call Me Old-Fashioned But...” may piss you off, but in the process will at least provoke thought.
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