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Good WWE show a one-time deal

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | December 5th, 2005

Coming off of one of the best PPVs in a long time, Taboo Tuesday, I thought that the WWE may be turning it around. After the horrible RAW and Smackdown craptacular Survivor Series (SS), I just had shake my head in shame.

To talk about the SS for a moment, I hope that none of you who read this actually purchased that lowly card. There was nothing of importance going into the PPV and the event itself left no closure to any of the piss poor storylines that are going on right now.

The RAW after SS actually wasn't too bad. The Carlito/HBK match had its moments, but it was just like the other match between these two: Carlito on the offense and then BAM! HBK gets his finisher on him and wins.

Trevor Murdoch has wrestled two singles matches and then tells that he has his sights on Ric Flair and the IC belt? Someone send this ugly, untalented tub of lard back to his backyard for some chicken and TV watching. If he wants to fight, he can go to a bar.

The WWE missed a great opportunity to take the belt off of John Cena last Monday. I have no idea how they can expect us to buy Cena actually winning by submission after being totally pounded by two guys who are fresh from the locker room. Yes, there were some good spots but the ending sucked. The boos for Cena were so deafening again that the WWE had to turn down the crowd mics just to play it down for the second RAW in a row.

If you didn't catch the Smackdown special, you didn't really miss too much except for more crappy writing and planning by the WWE creative team.

We got another Booker T/Benoit match that has already been beaten to death and a match between the Big Show and Rey Mysterio.

The latter match is the thing that really makes me kind of want to throw things at my TV and here's why:

First off, you have a tag team championship that is going nowhere so you put the title on two monsters and want the crowd to cheer them. Then you have one half of the team (The Big Show) come out and actually look the part of a giant monster and get into Triple H's face. I really enjoyed that segment on RAW and thought, “Damn! They're finally going to let Show just tear sh!t up).

So the Big Show faces Rey Mysterio where Rey comes out in Eddie Gurerro's car, wears his shirt and Michael Cole and Tazz keep going on about how this match is all for Eddie (like the last two weeks haven't been dedicated to anyone else). So, naturally, what does the crowd do? THEY BOO THE BIG SHOW! WHO THE HELL MADE THIS DECISION?? Not only do they have the crowd boo the Show, but they get Kane involved so they can boo him, too. What for? To have the Undertaker quickly take care of one of the biggest (and I do mean that in a large sense) tag teams the WWE has had in ages. (Peter scratches his head even more at this point).

Ok…the phoneme is back only to be floored once again by Randy Orton!?!?!? And if that's not the worst of it, Orton has the Undertaker lying on the truck of Eddie's car and backs it right up into the Smackdown entranceway. Not only is the Undertaker probably out for another two-three months (or probably the Royal Rumble), but they disrespected Eddie by trashing his car and wasting hype on the Show/Kane tag team.

I'm almost tempted to send this article over to the company to say “wake the hell up!” I'm sure the job postings for wrestling writers didn't say “wanna write and shoot heroine? Apply for a job at the WWE! It doesn't matter if you don't understand wrestlers, their jobs, story continuity, or reality! Just write stuff, show it to Stephanie McMahon and change anything they want you to, all while being high on crack.”

I'm taking this chance to say that I finally got the chance to watch some TNA Wrestling on Spike TV on Saturday night and that hour KILLED the past few weeks of WWE programming and the upcoming PPV in December looks so good. Check out for more details on the organization that will hopefully make the WWE have a good product once again.
On that note…have a great holiday! CHEERS!

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