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Student cars soon behind bars

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | January 9th, 2006

The crackdown has begun and if you are not careful where you park, you may find your wheels behind barbed wire.

As of January 16, Fanshawe College will adopt new parking regulations, where students, staff and visitors will have their vehicles towed to an on campus, make shift car jail if they are illegally parked anywhere on Fanshawe property.

According to Marion Dietze, Manager of Support Services at Fanshawe, the college has handed out an average of 200 parking warnings a week since September 2005.

“Students have been parking everywhere,” said Dietze, who added that student drivers are the ones violating parking regulations.

Under the new system, a vehicle that has previously accumulated two or more warnings will automatically be towed to the new prison-like structure in Parking Facility Lot 6 beside Peregrine Residence.

Fanshawe's Car Jail

In order to get the impounded vehicle released, the owner must contact Campus Security Services, in D1027, and pay $75 fee for recovery costs and towing charges, as well as an additional daily storage charge of $12 a day. An after hours release charge of $35 will also be added if a vehicle is released between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

In addition to the new towing charges, Dietze said more security guards would be monitoring the lots in January.

Dietze said her department has received complaints of people parking in reserved spots, sharing parking access cards and tailgating to gain entry.

From September to December 2005, only warnings were issued to vehicles found breaching parking policies. Prior to the 2005/2006-school year, violating vehicles were towed by private companies to off-site lots, but a new city by-law extinguished that option.

Dietze said Fanshawe College has approximately 2,900 parking spaces available for staff, students and visitors in either reserved, coin or pre-paid lots.

“Park where you should be parked and nothing will happen,” warned Dietze. “We don't want to use this service.”

A vehicle will now be towed and impounded if it is parked on any roadway not specifically signed to allow parking, parked in unauthorized areas, blocking or obstructing pedestrians or vehicle traffic, driving in a careless or reckless manner or exceeding speed limits.

It will also be towed if the driver fails to obey a parking attendant, regulative signs or gains access to parking areas by other than a gate card or appropriate coinage, which includes expired meters.

According to Facilities Support Services, only out of town students are offered the opportunity to purchase a parking pass in a limited reserved parking lot. All other students are issued a LTC bus pass or pay $3.25 per entry at the five coin lots throughout campus.

Often students find coin lots frustrating, due to the need to have exact change in quarters, loonies or toonies, which can become problematic when parking lot attendants are not on duty to make change.
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