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Zoot: Revamping Valentine's Day

Joshua R. Waller | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 14th, 2011

As every year passes, so does another Valentine's Day filled with love, disappointment and abundance of cliché gifts and lessthan- romantic dates. No matter whether your partner is male or female, chocolate in heart-shaped boxes and red roses are not creative.

Chocolate melts, but style is eternal. Whether you're giving a physical gift of beauty or creating a memory of pure passion, this Valentine's Day definitely needs some revamping in the gift and romantic dates department.

When going out to buy a present for the love of your life, it is best to skip the Valentine's aisles and any other mass-produced corny and cheap-looking gifts. To play it safe this Valentine's Day, avoid any large chain of retailers such as Wal-Mart and The Bay. There are many small, exclusive boutiques and stores that offer a wide variety of personalized gifts (especially around Valentine's Day) that would be perfect for your partner.

If the classic box of chocolates is simply a staple and something you must buy for your loved one, then stay clear from the thoughtless President's Choice brand and buy him or her designer chocolates. That's right, designer chocolates. There are many boutiques in London as well as online stores that offer quality chocolates wrapped and placed in elegant boxes.

Instead of buying your lover plain old jewellery, buy jewellery that you have customized and personalized yourself. This can be made into an extremely romantic gift (especially if you are planning on getting down on one knee) or it can be light and simple, by adding a pet name you call each other or an inside joke that makes you both smile. It's not necessarily the piece of jewellery alone that makes such a good Valentine's Day present; it's the moment that you both share that truly makes the gift so special.

A dinner date to some fancy Italian restaurant always seems to be an easy and somewhat romantic Valentine's Day, but why not try something a little different? Plan a spa day for the both of you where you can just relax, be pampered, and reflect on all of your past memories. It is the gifts like these that truly make a Valentine's Day special.

If you are looking to do something extremely radical for your Valentine's Day, try couples skydiving. The rush and thrill of falling from the sky, similar to the feeling when you fell in love, will definitely make for an unforgettable Valentine's Day. Finishing off the day with something entirely relaxing, like staying at a fivestar hotel, will complete the day perfectly.

Now I know couples skydiving may seem way too far out of the box for something like Valentine's Day, but the truth is, if you are going to celebrate the day, you might as well make it count. Try something new this year, surprise your partner with something incredible. Whether it is a physical gift of beauty or a beautiful moment, make it unforgettable, but please, for all of our sakes, stay out of the Wal-Mart Valentine's Day gift aisles.
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