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Valentine's Day worn right

Christina Kubiw Kalashnik | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 14th, 2011

Having always been a single girl, I've always hated one particular holiday. Lonely Christmases, waiting under the mistletoe no. New Years eve, kiss-free ... slightly disappointing, but no. The worst holiday has always been Valentine's Day.

Oh! That dreaded holiday, filled with Cupid's arrows, plump hearts, calorie-filled chocolates and too many greeting cards.

And while all these little things play a role in Valentine's Day, the two true key elements of Valentine's Day will always be love and sex.

Now before I go on a rant about the stages of love and sex positions, I'll bring the focus back onto what this is really about: fashion.

Lingerie, lingerie, lingerie. A girly topic? No. It's something that can be enjoyed by both partners. Whether you're gay, straight or bisexual, it's always fun to play dress-up.

Lingerie needs to be dealt with in a certain manner so as to not only please yourselves, but also your partner. You need to be careful not to scare him or her off. Spicy is fun, but scary is no good. Make sure that when you're choosing appropriate lingerie for Valentine's Day (or any event), you consider your relationship.

If this is a new relationship and your partner is rather conservative, it's best you didn't whip out a dominatrix costume. Simple things can be beautiful; it's how you wear them. Consider pretty pastels that compliment your skin tone. Whites and yellows often look best on women with tan or olive skin tones. Plums, blues and pinks compliment fair skin tones best, and women with darker skin tones have the advantage of wearing any colour.

If this isn't a new relationship and you want to spice things up a little, I always suggest black. It's a flattering colour on everyone and it's easy to match. Black never goes out of style; it's a timeless colour that can be appreciated by everyone. Also, as funny as this may sound, it never really gets dirty. White panties get dirty and can look worn with washing; however, black doesn't react the same way. Black fades, but the imperfections are hardly visible.

Although keeping it simple can apply to Valentine's Day, the best kind of lingerie is the festive kind. Valentine's Day wouldn't be as fun without the red and the pink, bright bold colours that scream, "Come and get me!" Be bold and have fun.

Now for the boys: realize that women put in a lot of effort to look nice for you. So for Valentine's Day, be charming and romantic, sultry and sweet. Remind us why we love you. And as for your Valentine's Day apparel, what you really need to know is the following: if you're trying to set a mood, boxer briefs are the way to go. They slim, curve and enhance. If you're trying to keep things lighthearted and loving, go for boxers. There are always tons of boxers with adorable Valentine's Day prints. And for the boys who just don't want to waste time with underwear, don't wear any.

Happy Valentine's Day, xo
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