Food for thought: Wok Box totally rocks

Well, spring break is over and everyone is back at Fanshawe all thinking the same thing: Boy, that week really flew by! We hope everyone had a fun and safe time.

Over the break, Jess and I happened to stop for some food at a place that we've passed by several times but never actually been to. I'm referring to the Wok Box. This place is very interesting in the way it's run, and you notice it almost immediately upon entering.

We walked in and an employee noticed us looking at the menu board with interest and walked over, menus in hand to explain how the place worked. In a sense, it's a make-yourown stir-fry place where you choose the protein, vegetables and noodles and they make it to order for you. Wok Box offers a few combos and specials; Jess and I opted for a twocan- dine sort of deal where we both got drinks, an appetizer and our main course for one price.

To begin with, we started with fresh spring rolls and noodle-fried shrimp. Everything is made fresh, which is a really nice treat for your senses as you get the full flavour of what you're eating. For our main courses, we got Korean beef bulgogi with vegetables and rice. The rice and the bulgogi came in large bowls and we served ourselves. Chopsticks and forks are available for use, depending on your mood and dexterity.

Wok Box's design is a unique combination of fast food and sitdown restaurant. If you're dining in, you are given a number (much like a coffee house) and told to sit where you please and the waiter will deliver your food when it is done. If you're taking out, you merely wait a few minutes and walk out with your food. If dining in, you pay first, sit and eat which is much different than what we're used to traditionally. Jess and I found it strange to just get up and leave when we were done eating. Also, if dining in, there aren't very many tables so if you come during a busy time, you may be out of luck and the choice of eating in or taking out will have been made for you.

The staff are very friendly and helpful and don't hesitate to help first-timers. The staff member who served us at the cash register even changed our order so we got a little more food at a lower price. Clearly, they place a value on the customer's experience at their establishment, which is a nice change from the traditional fast food experience.

We'd recommend Wok Box to anyone who likes Asian cuisine and is tired of Manchu-Wok or any of those Asian places, where you know the food has been sitting in warming trays for hours. The food is fresh and made right in front of you (in clear view, behind the counter). As far as the price, for both of us the total came to about $27.00. It isn't the cheapest place, but you definitely get what you pay for. With more than one location, it makes a good choice for students who are transferring buses or who are looking for a place to eat while out with their friends. We visited the location out by Masonville Mall, but there is also another location across the street from the Wonderland power centre at Wonderland and Southdale.

Go once for the food, go again for the experience. Happy dining!

Rating: Quality: 4.9/5
Staff: 5/5
Affordability: 5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Total: 18.9/20

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