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SAC looks a little empty

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | January 23rd, 2006

With only one semester under their belts, six of the 16 elected FSU Executive Council and SAC Representatives have either resigned or left their positions.

This surge in empty positions has forced the Student Union to hold a by-election, where on January 24 the remaining executive and SAC members will vote for new members to join the council.

“It's blown my mind away to have a changeover like this,” FSU President Melissa Smart said concerning the departures. “It's such an inconvenient experience.”

Considering this is the first time in many years that there has been a SAC representative elected in every academic division of the college, the drastic decrease in members comes as a disappointment for Smart.

At the SAC meeting on January 11, FSU Executive Council VP of External and Academic Affairs, Cameron Boniferro, and VP Athletics, Rajah Mayers, both resigned from their positions.

Mayers, a third year Business Marketing student, was forced to resign when he failed to register as a full-time Fanshawe student as of the January 11 deadline.

According to FSU by-law 1.28.6, which states that all executive councillors must be a “full-time student of Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology during his/her term in office,” Mayers was no longer qualified. Boniferro, a second year Business student, officially resigned prior to the mandatory academic records check for the fall semester, which is mandatory of all council members.

“These students are student leaders. That is the key,” Smart said. “But being a student comes first.”

Priscilla Hartman, Business Studies Division SAC representative, was forced to resign when she found out she had a co-op placement in her program, which is also against FSU by-laws.

Jason Miles, a veteran SAC Representative for Building and Technology Division, downgraded his course load to part-time and therefore is not eligible to represent his division.

Tourism and Hospitality Division representative, Erin Casey, changed programs and was therefore forced to resign as well.

In hopes of being elected to replace Boniferro as VP External, Vaughn Row, Human Services SAC Representative, also resigned from his position during the January 11 council meeting.

The Executive Council commitment consists of 10 in office hours a week, as well as organizational and administrative duties specific to the position.

SAC representatives are required to attend two meetings a month, but if they miss two consecutive meetings or four in total, they will be unable to continue.
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