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Clubs hosting unique event

Jessica Conlon | Special to Interrobang | Culture | April 11th, 2011

Celebrate the end of the semester at the Off the Cuff Video Jam on Saturday, April 23 at the APK Live. This is a community experimental gig, where music will be stimulated by videos.

The acts will be all about improvisation - new, creative responses to the stimulus of one's immediate environment and inner feelings. This is the chance to witness the invention of new thought patterns, new lyrical structures and music. This invention cycle occurs most effectively when the practitioner has a thorough intuitive and technical understanding of the necessary skills and concerns within the improvised domain, and we have lots of talented local musicians involved!

There will be an open jam session after the featured performances, so more talented musicians who would like to give it a whirl get the chance to play with people they have never played with before. Visual artists interested in creating some videos are more than welcome. This is a fundraiser for an arts ecofest that will take place in the summer called L.O.O.K., It's a Party! For more information on that event, check out

We are always looking for volunteers. If you are interested in participating in this Off the Cuff event, e-mail
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