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Healthy Fit: Fitness programs that work

Healthy Fit: Fitness programs that work

Mphatso Mlotha | Interrobang | Leisure | April 11th, 2011

Day after day, minute after minute, we are bombarded with infomercials that convince us that their fitness products will solve our physical insecurities.

What most of us don't realize is that we are constantly buying our way into nothing.

Such products have been labelled as "gimmicks" that soak up our money faster than their actual use. These products can be supplements, tablets, shakes, creams or beverages.

Products aside, there are some fitness programs that are worth their cost. There's a general rule of thumb to everything we do: when you push hard and believe, you will succeed. Therefore, technically speaking, any program can work with the right attitude.

There is no universal fitness program that works for everyone. Factors like your gender, weight, height, diet and medical conditions must be considered when determining whether a program is the right one for you.

Also, for those who suffer from various medical conditions, it is always wise to pay a visit to the physician first, just to be on the safe side. For instance, if you have back pains, accessing a program that's founded on weightlifting is not recommended. On the other hand, if you have problems with your joints, it is recommended that you try very low-impact cardiovascular training.

Your doctor may also refer you to health specialists or dieticians with nutritional advice to match your workout program and goals.

There are indeed fitness programs that actually work. This is based on the number of satisfied customers who have joined the program, used its workouts and met or surpassed their goal.

A U.S.-based company called Beachbody has created the nation's most popular in-home fitness and weight loss solutions. It is a collection of fitness programs that constitute a variety of exercises and workout plans. People use and concurrently refer Beachbody programs to friends or family because of its realistic approach. They state, "If you work consistently, you will get great results." And that's telling it like it is.

One of Beachbody's fitness programs that is changing the lives of many is P90X, featuring professional personal trainer Tony. Out of 2,969 reviews, this fitness program was rated 4.8 out of 5. It features a 90-day workout plan where, according to the Beachbody website, "All you need is a set of dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar and about an hour a day. No gym membership required."

Shaun T, a professional fitness and personal trainer, ups the notch with his 60-day total body conditioning Intensity program. "Each workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your MAX. The result: burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour," according to

The reason why people tend to use these programs is that they simply work. They give successful tips and strategies for exercises that work best and they can even help with nutrition advice.

Beachbody does not use endorsed advertising to sell their products; testimonials and results from real customers do that for them. The word is genuine, and if you think the program is not working as it is should, Beachbody offers a money-back guarantee.

Beachbody fitness programs have revolutionized home-based fitness workout by constantly and thoroughly testing each method before exercised. Maximize your chances of getting fit at home.
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