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Getting thrown around the ring

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | January 23rd, 2006

On the Smackdown side of things, Batista looked so heartbroken about having to give up the World Heavyweight Championship that you really felt for the guy. Don't worry, Dave, you'll get it back once you heal from your surgery.

I don't get this: Booker T is injured, but they still have Orton wrestle for Booker T, win the match and crown Booker T the champ? Now we have an injured champion! The writers couldn't do any better than that? Please…

Wasn't the Boogyman segment insanely funny? Did anyone expect him to actually eat the growth off of Jillian's face? Some threw up while some pissed themselves laughing.

What's the deal with Angle showing up on Smackdown and winning the championship? Is the WWE saying that no one on Smackdown is worthy enough or are they just rewarding Angle? Maybe neither…perhaps they're just trying to shake things up and create controversy realizing that TNA may make an “Impact” this year. I guess we'll see if Angle will be a face or heel after he severed his relationship with Davari on Raw.

Over on RAW, it looks like HBK may get screwed out of winning the Royal Rumble this year. Remember, Mr. McMahon GUARANTEED it. Perhaps HBK will be entry number one and somehow get screwed near the end of the match. Could they be setting up McMahon vs. HBK for WM22?

Flair and Edge put on an outstanding TLC match on RAW. I have to commend both parties for amazing spots during this match. Flair being suplexed off of the top of the ladder was great, but Edge being pushed backwards when he was on top of the ladder onto a table on the outside was amazing.

As for the rest of the wrestling world, I'm getting to it.

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