5 Questions with Veronica Barahona, FSU President

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If you could switch places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
I'm going to say Steve Carell. I love The Office ! He's such an interesting person, I'd want to know if he's like that 24/7. Some people don't really get my sense of humour sometimes - it's very dry - but Steve Carell is similar, so I'm wondering if he's like that in real life.

What's your most embarrassing childhood memory?
I used to like biking, and there were these hills where I grew up, and we'd always go there. I remember that I really liked one of the guys who would go biking with us, so I was trying to be really cool, do jumps and everything, and going down the hill I wiped out and landed on cement! I still have those beautiful scars. He ended up being my first kiss! (Not at that moment.)

If your life were a TV show, what would your theme song be?
The first one that pops into my head - and only because of high school, we used to listen to it at par ties - is "Drop It Like It's Hot." I think that would describe my life a little bit, I'm so secretly gangsta it's disgusting.

What's a service or event the FSU does that isn't well known?
Counseling and Accessibility Services. I think everybody knows about it, but no one knows the degree of it. We have great counselors, great referral programs and more. The amount of students who visit is good - we're one of the top schools in terms of awareness - but a lot of students don't know it exists or don't know where it's located (F2010). I find that it goes undervalued.

Who is your favourite superhero and why?
I really like Spider-Man. I'm not a big superhero person, but I saw that movie again recently. There's one part where he can't make web and stuff anymore and he star ts to do things on his own and realizes you don't need that stuff to be a superhero.