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Blogs buzzing about Rumble

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | February 6th, 2006

This year's Rumble sure has the wrestling world (or at least those who are bloggers) in a heated discussion. Some are saying that this year's Rumble was one of the best in a long time where others are already calling it the dud of duds and one of the worst PPVs of the year (although we have many, many more to watch). Let's break down some of the fights:

Cruiserweight Invitational — This match had some excellent spots in it like Paul London's back flip off the top turnbuckle to the floor (where no one really caught him). Although the match could have been longer, as soon as you saw Greg Helms come out, you KNEW he was there to win the belt. Good stuff.

Mickie James vs. Ashley — Although Ashley had a good showing on Raw last week, this match is a prime example of why she's not ready for a PPV caliber match yet. I didn't mind, though, because I spent all my time looking at their butts.

The Royal Rumble Match — I was shocked that they put this match in the middle of the PPV. They've never done it before but for some reason they're mixing stuff up. Rumours spread rapidly on the net that Mysterio was going to win the Rumble and as soon as I saw HHH and Mysterio head to the ring. I really enjoyed the action in this year's Rumble. Bobby Lashley looked good, Tatanka showed up and there were 15 people in the ring at one point.

The RVD pop was bigger than even I anticipated and it was nice to see him as one of the final four. In the end, Mysterio did win the Rumble, but it makes me shake my head seeing superstars like the Big Show and other huge performers holding opponents clearly over their head, and could have and should have thrown them out, only to slam them in the middle of the ring. Let's not forget about Big Show and Kane letting Mysterio and HHH sleep in the corners for about six minutes. What the hell?

John Cena vs. Edge. I didn't think that they would actually put the belt back on Cena after the quick and controversial title change three weeks ago and how Edge and Raw are actually pulling in good ratings. As soon as I saw the “champion's entrance” Cena got before this match, you already knew that he was going to get the gold back (that and the spinny belt was still intact). What is the WWE thinking?

And finally, we get to Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry. Face it. We all knew this match was going to suck and it did, big time. Henry is not a main eventer and this match should not have closed the night. I guess in retrospect, the only reason this match was last was so the WWE could set up the big Undertaker spectacle. It was kind a cool to see but then again, how many times does the Undertaker just show up and really do nothing but look evil. I just don't know if I can buy it anymore.

All in all, I felt happy with the 35 bucks spent and thought that the WWE was again making all of us scratch our heads guessing what they'll do next. And isn't that the fun part about watching the show? Yes, there are bad decisions that they'll make but it's still fun to cheer or bitch about.
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