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Album Review: Foos release hit mini-album

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 6th, 2006

This week's column will be a shorter one, but since I'm reviewing a nice little “bonus” release, I can pretty much sum it up kind of quickly.

My number one CD of 2005, Foo Fighters' In Your Honor was packed with two CDs full of excellent music. With 20 songs (and even more B-sides that have been released) how could you expect even more from Dave Grohl and his band of merry men? Well, thanks to their latest release, 5 Songs and a Demo, you do get more than you'd expect from the band.

In the US, this was a limited Best Buy exclusive. There's really nothing much to the packaging, either. It's just a buffalo in the same art scheme as their double disc package.

The disc starts off in familiar territory: one live song from In Your Honor, “Best of You (live)” and a demo of the Foo's latest single, “DOA.” The live track isn't too bad of a mix and the crowd sounds really into it. The demo of “DOA” really isn't too much different from the released version except that the polished production and the numerous layers of guitar are absent, but I guess that's a demo for yah.

The next song, “Skin and Bones” is a folky acoustic tune performed by Grohl himself. This song is alright, but just doesn't have that BANG factor that many other Foo songs have. However, the mellow and trippy song, “World,” that follows immediately gets you back into the flow of the mini-release.

“I Feel Free” is a cover and as I write this, I can't remember who originally does the song, but I'm sure it's from the ‘70s and it's a familiar tune. I was actually shocked when this song came on because I couldn't believe they covered it. Very weird choice indeed.

To close the disc, the band breaks out into “FFL” and I can't really tell you what that stands for in this paper. It's hard rock tune that's pretty upbeat and features Ghrol's remarkable screams.

For $5 on eBay, this CD is be a must have for Foo Fighter fans. Just pay attention to what you're paying for shipping and that the shipment cost doesn't outweigh what you're going to spend on the CD itself.

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