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The candidates weigh in on the issues

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | February 13th, 2006

Note: At the time of publication, FSU Presidential candidate Dan Vernooy was unavailable for interview.

What is your Student Union experience?

Christine: Two terms as VP Internal Affairs and raised twice as much money for Shinerama then the previous year. Has served as acting president when Melissa Smart is away.

Greg: Never been on SAC or executive council, but has been involved with the Business Marketing Division and marketing team.

What is the number one issue affecting students?

Christine: “Money. As in tuition, it continues to go up and student debts are rising. ”

Greg: Tuition freeze being lifted

What is your opinion on the tuition freeze ending this year and the threat of rates increasing?

Christine: “I'm not for [tuition going up].” If it had to go up she would use CSA to lobby the government for increases no more than cost of living.

Greg: Considering minimum wage just went up, would like to see the province continue the freeze for another year while students have the time to save money.

How does the government's investment in apprenticeship programs help all Fanshawe students?

Christine: Items made by carpentry apprentices were auctioned off at the Posh Gala and proceeds went to bursaries. Also said those trades who built the new Student Centre were trained at Fanshawe.

Greg: There is a new technology wing and all the other upgrading reflects positively on students. With those programs being improved gives Fanshawe a better reputation overall.

Is the province giving enough funding to post-secondary institutions?

Christine: “They are getting there. They are making the step in the right direction... Just last week they followed up on the $5.5 million they promised.”

Greg: Would work to prevent province from increasing tuition

There has been talks of an up coming academic strike — Would you have recommended that the college cancel Spring Break?

Christine: Yes, because now other colleges who didn't take that initiative are just now talking about canceling and not asking for input from students.

Greg: Would have kept Spring Break dates in place because people are making plans up to six months before. Find a more convenient time at the end of semester or extending lectures to accommodate.

What would you do to increase the Student Unions awareness on Campus in terms of clubs?

Christine: Survey students and ask what they want. Install a Student Union booth, which has worked on other campuses.

Greg: “I would have a voice by having an article in the paper on a weekly basis.” Create a standard clubs for students to join that don't disappear after the initiator has graduated.

What would you do to promote Fanshawe's growth not only to your students, but to prospective investors and students?

Christine: Highlight expansion and draw attention to the new facilities.

Greg: Promote the new facilities and strong points of school, like athletics, to investors and new students.

What is the one aspect of your campaign that sets you apart from the competition?

Christine: “The fact that I can deliver everything in my platform because I know what can be done.”

Greg: “I think I have a sense of community, and that's what this school needs.”

What issue do you think effect students the most on a citywide basis and how would you improve Fanshawe's reputation in the city of London?

Christine: “I think the issue that effects students the most is transportation and the bus schedules…We need to take more initiative across the city because we are bigger and we are better than the university.”

Greg: There are positives and negative associated with students at the bars downtown and student housing. Focus the positives like the choice in student housing.

Do you think parking is still an issue, and if so how would you deal with it?

Christine: Increase the pay per day use and set groundwork for parking garage.

Greg: Make more convenient. Give students the ability to come and go as they please, instead of pay and display.

How would you ensure the college enforces your goals be create better course descriptions?

Christine: “The college knows who I am and I won't take no for an answer.”

Greg: “Students need to be integrated into course descriptions and have their say.”

How would you enforce more accountability within your own council when it comes to academics?

Christine: Implement mentoring program, progress reports every two months and provide funding for SAC and VP tutoring if needed.

Greg: Make executive hours more flexible because their success in school is most important.
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