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Dear WWE: you suck.

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | February 13th, 2006

Dear WWE,
I am writing to tell you that I am absolutely sick to death with the Eddie Guerrero storylines and dialogue. When he passed on, I was very proud of the great memorial show you put on for him and the kind words the week after.

Now it has been several months and we are still talking about (and with) Eddie Guerrerro.

Chavo Guerrerro and Rey Mysterio have thanked Eddie, talked with Eddie and are mimicking Eddie. Mysterio thinks it's Eddie who played a joke on him for getting the second entry in the Royal Rumble. HHH is on RAW mimicking Eddie's ring presence. And let's not forget that we know have Randy Orton reading a script that is now telling us that Eddie isn't in heaven…He's in HELL!

What are you drinking at the office? May I come over and have some, too? By the way, I think I may be able to help you with this whole Eddie thing by saying, “DROP IT!” Vince, I think people are starting to believe that you really have no soul. I'm not talking about on TV like you come off, but in real life.

Your last RAW program wasn't too bad because there were some matches during the program. The bad thing about it was that I knew exactly who was going to win. HHH's road to WrestleMania tournament is going to turn out exactly how he planned it a year ago.

John Cena winning his match and announcing that Mick Foley is the special ref his next title defense versus Edge isn't a surprise, either. It's been already announced that Edge will face off against Foley at WM. Why don't you keep the surprises coming, WWE?

In other news, WWE, it turns out that TNA Wrestling is getting popular. It's so popular that I bought their last three PPVs but only one of yours in the past four or five months. Want to know something? It's getting so much attention that starting on April 13, Thursday nights will heat up with Spike TV giving their viewers TNA Impact during prime time. I just thought I would let you know so someone can smack some of the writers into fearing the competition and maybe to fear for their jobs.

All in all, you're on the right track in some spots and way off in many others. I'm sure you know that with all the letters I send you in a month.

I'll talk to you soon.

Peter Wilura
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