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Share the shower, save the environment

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | News | September 19th, 2005

If you are up for a challenge, try showering with a “friend”, taking the bus or keeping your drapes open.

The One—Tonne Challenge asks each Canadian (even though you are a student, you are still expected to be socially responsible!) to lead a more energy-efficient lifestyle and cut greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne.

According to Diane Szoller, the One-Tonne Challenge Project Manager from the Thames Region Ecological Association (TREA), each Canadian generates, on average, five tonnes of greenhouse gases each year and the association is targeting homes as a source of energy wastefulness.

Szoller said that London and Windsor are in the smog belt and cutting back on household emissions will eventually reduce the amount of smog alerts Londoners experience during the warmer months.

Students, who typically rent homes, can reduce energy emissions by opening the drapes, washing clothes in cold water or by turning off computers, lights and air conditioning when they are not in use.

"This is our contribution to Kyoto," said Szoller, who has also been out in the community informing drivers about the most environmentally friendly ways to run a vehicle.

She said that drivers should check tire pressure, buy ethanol-blend gas and take public transportation or walk whenever possible.

“People should be aware that the long term effects of driving is heating up our planet and changing the climate.”

TREA, along with the city of London and 41 other cities in Canada, are promoting a variety of challenges that will help households save money and improve their health, all in the name of the environment.

Students are encouraged to log on to to calculate how many tonnes of emissions they produce in a year and challenge themselves to reduce that amount by one tonne.
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