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Classic metal to stand the test of time

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | April 17th, 2006

I have to confess that I didn't pick up anything new to review this week. I was going to get the new Cannibal Corpse but the two places I went to buy it weren't carrying it. I think that's so weird because their newest CD cover for Kill doesn't even have the usual grotesque cover that we're used to seeing from the band.

This week, I'm going to give some quick shouts out to three CDs that I've never reviewed in the paper (because they're older) but I've been listening to them in my car all week and think that you should give them a try, too!

Saigon Kick — The Lizard
You may have this band on one of your “One Hit” or “Hairband” CD lists if that's your thing. To me, this band was a really cool hard rock band from the early to mid ‘90s that produced some kick as CDs. The Lizard was the band's second CD, and the last one with vocalist Matt Kramer. (Songwriter, producer and melody man Jason Bieler took over vocal duties for the next few CDs before disbanding the group.) While I think that Water and The Devil in Details are way better albums, there is nothing like putting on a early ‘90s rock CD and just not giving a crap about some of the stupid lyrics or simplicity of a few of the tunes. Too bad that most people will only remember (or vaguely remember) this band for the one crappy ballad that they got on the radio: “Love Is On the Way.”

Nonpoint — Statement
This band is now on Bieler records but when they first debuted in 2000, they were on MCA records. I'm a big fan of CDs that you can put on and listen to it the whole way through. I'm even a bigger fan when you have a CD like that but you can do it over and over again for many years, and that's why I'm a huge fan of this CD from Nonpoint. Every song rocks on this disc and they can put their angst right into their tracks. The band is solid and technical even though some may dismiss it as jumping on the nu-metal sound (which is totally not the case). Too bad they followed it up with the disappointing Development. Ignore that CD and pick up this one, as well as the two that followed Development and you won't be disappointed with some good, hard rockin' metal.

Type O Negative — Slow,
Deep and Hard

Ok, is it any surprise to anyone who's been reading my stuff for the past few years that this is my favourite band? That being said, their debut is probably one of the ones I listen to the least. Not because I dislike it, but because their later releases are just so damn fun and better produced. Still, this CD is raw (and I really mean that) and Peter Steele's vocals are more of a statement-lead delivery than any sort of melody. Their fake live album, Origin of the Feces, that followed this takes the tracks off of this disc, gives them better production, more melody and cuts the songs to be a little more digestible, (except “Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infedelity.” That song stays the same but it just sounds a hell of a lot better). Pick this and the aforementioned disc up to hear how Type O Negative developed their sound. Actually, if you want a real history lesson on the band, pick up Steele's old band, Carnivore, for a real shock.

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