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FSU helps make students stress fur-ee
As exam time rolls around the corner, stress starts to increase at a pace many students are not prepared for. But Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is trying their best to help with many initiatives. Read this article

Paramedic students donate 560 pounds of food to The Sharing Shop
With a second year project assigned, one group decided to make a difference amongst fellow students. It's a project where students have to create an initiative and one group decided to donate to The Sharing Shop on campus. Read this article

Men's curling take home the gold
For the third time in the program's history, the men's curling team have taken home a gold medal from the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Championships. Read this article

FSU votes to leave the CSA unanimously
In a unanimous vote of 13-0, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) has made the decision to leave the College Student Alliance (CSA) after more than 20 years of membership. Read this article

The Zolas start their tour off in London and do not disappoint
On March 14, Londoners filled Rum Runners to enjoy some indie rock from The Zolas. The show was a more intimate setting allowing lead singer Zach Gray to interact with the crowd. Read this article

Safety of students on downtown campus a growing concern
On Feb. 11, Skye Vidler, a first year video game design and development student at Fanshawe's downtown campus, the CDPA, was on her way home when she was assaulted in an unprovoked attack. Read this article

LHSC provides pilot program
Noticing a gap in the mental health care system, the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) in a collaboration with Addiction Services of Thames Valley and mindyourmind, has brought forth Cornerstone Counselling. Read this article

Women's basketball become bronze medalists second year in a row
Fanshawe's women's basketball team competed in the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Provincial Championships over the first weekend in March. After three difficult games, the team took home a bronze medal in a 72-56 win against the Seneca Sting. Read this article

Men's volleyball takes home bronze at OCAAs
This season has been a spectacular one for Fanshawe's men's volleyball team with them finishing the season first in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). Read this article

Seven Earth-sized planets discovered
With the help of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, seven Earth-sized planets have been discovered surrounding a single star. The exoplanet system has been given the name TRAPPIST-1. Read this article

Mikhaila Wright breaks two Fanshawe records
On Feb. 8, in a game against Lambton Lions, 22-year-old Mikhaila Wright made Fanshawe history as she broke Fanshawe basketball single game scoring record with 36 points and Fanshawe women's basketball single game scoring record with seven three-pointers. Read this article

Men's baseball team receive first ever rings
After an impressive season that saw Fanshawe's men's baseball team claim their first ever national championship, the team received their 2016 championship rings. Read this article

Faceless Dolls Project fills Siskinds Gallery
As 2 p.m. struck all but a few of the chairs set for the event were filled with students and faculty eager for it to begin. Elder and Healer Liz Akiwenzie took the podium and set the mood for the event, one of hope rather than one of sadness.  Read this article

Fanshawe succeeds in creating 600 faceless dolls
Over the past six months, Leah Marshall, the sexual violence prevention advisor, and Chris Hannah, the student success advisor in the First Nations Centre, have been bringing the Faceless Dolls Project to each Fanshawe campus in hopes of making 600 dolls. Read this article

MIA pays tribute to Canadian music in Share the Land
For the sixth year in a row, the Music Industry Arts (MIA) program is getting the chance to test their skills in a public performance. Read this article

Find your inner leader
In collaboration between the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and Fanshawe, students are presented the opportunity to attend Launching Leader, a one-day student leadership conference. Read this article

Olympic silver medallist swaps her oar for books
Natalie Mastracci, an Olympic silver medalist for the Canadian women's eight rowing team, has left her athletic career and is now pursuing an education with Fanshawe's interactive media design program. Read this article

A small town boy built for anything
Nate Van Camp has made a name for himself on Fanshawe's men's volleyball team. As a six foot four fourth year it is not hard to understand how he has climbed his way up to being one of the Falcon's scoring leaders. Read this article

Men's volleyball start 2017 on a strong note
After an impressive first half of the season in 2016, Fanshawe's men's volleyball has earned a well-deserved spot in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Rankings. Read this article

Fanshawe student creates business over night
With a really nice, but overpriced necklace in her jewelry box, Melinda Skinner decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided she didn't want to pay $25 for a necklace that she believed she could recreate. Read this article

New FSU governance changes voted in
Amongst free food, coffee and an interesting recap of what has been done so far, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) introduced the proposed governance and structural change to students, changes which have been in the works for two years. Read this article

Break-ins around campus leave students on edge
With the holidays coming around the corner and students going home, the fear of student break-ins are not uncommon. Read this article

Culinary students donate $1,000 to The Sharing Shop
A building was transformed into a walk along New York streets Nov. 24 for the second annual culinary food event, only this year they partnered with the food and beverage program. Read this article

First ever proposed FSU governance changes
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is proposing a complete change to their governance to allow them to be more accountable, more efficient and more transparent. Read this article

Men's baseball: First league national champions for Fanshawe in 35 years
Fanshawe's men's baseball was crowned the 2016 National Champions Oct. 29 when they defeated the St. Clair Saints 2-1, their first national gold medal in the program's three-year history. Read this article

Fanshawe culinary students donate 30 litres of tomato sauce to The Sharing Shop
First year culinary students had just learned the intricate steps of canning when professor Bob Murphy had an epiphany on what to do with the surplus of tomato sauce. Read this article

Student leaders shut down stigma in "You Don't Say" campaign
Fanshawe student leaders from across the campus have come together to challenge oppressive language and create a dialogue about deeper social and cultural issues. Read this article

Nine million dollars in funding for Fanshawe
On Oct. 7, Fanshawe was buzzing with big names in politics. Peter Fragiskatos, Member of Parliament (MP) for London North Centre announced the $6.2 million joint federal-provincial investment to renew infrastructure at Fanshawe. Read this article

Fanshawe strides to de-stigmatize mental health disorders
Over the past few years, Fanshawe has made large strides to help put the stigma of mental health to rest and help educate and raise awareness amongst faculty and students alike. Read this article

Students respond to emergencies on campus
Fanshawe has many opportunities for students to get hands on experience and help others and one of the best examples for this is the Student Emergency Response Team (SERT). Read this article

Jade Kovacevic: No record she can't break
Impressive, great, fast. These are just a few of the words that fans used to describe Fanshawe Falcons striker Jade Kovacevic. Read this article

Hand deodorant to rid of that post-hockey stank
First year Fanshawe student Matthew Laberge, in collaboration with Western University Dan Black, has invented a product that rids the stink that seems to seep deep into your hands after removing your hockey gloves. Read this article

Knights' players shine bright at NHL Rookie Tournament
This year's Rookie Tournament included six London Knights players, who all proved they could play at this level. This was the fifth time Budweiser Gardens has been the host of the tournament since 2010. Read this article

First ever craft beer festival
You've heard it right, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is bringing a craft beer festival to the school for the first time ever. Read this article

Fanshawe responds to the needs of the students: An inside look at the new and improved C building
As Fanshawe paves the way for a new Wellness Centre, set to be opened in 2017, they have had to respond to demands of students who were being misplaced over the last year of construction. Read this article

The best of the best flocked into Budweiser Gardens for the CCMA Awards
The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) celebrated its 40th anniversary in London for the first time on Sunday, Sept. 11 at the Budweiser Gardens. Read this article

A busy day of interaction for fans and musicians on day three of Canadian Country Music Week
The third day of Canada Country Music Week kicked off with fanfest, which was a free event that featured a number of musicians performing some of their hits, and a then a meet and greet session for fans to line up and meet their favourite musicians. Read this article

Canadian country music legends and newcomers collaborate for a family reunion
The second day of the Country Music Week festivities, in preparation for the Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards on Sunday included many more opportunities for musicians and fans to get to know one another. Read this article

Country Music Week kicks off in London with rave reviews
The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards celebrates its 40th anniversary and is being held in London for the first time ever. Read this article

Fanshawe promotes drinking smart education on campus
With the help of an anonymous online survey called Check Your Drinking, Fanshawe is helping students understand not only their drinking habits, but also the impact their drinking has on them. Read this article

FSU VP Kevin Kaisar becomes our community champion
For the past couple of years, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) has partnered with Regional HIV/AIDS Connection as it is of great importance to the student union to promote sexual health and wellness. Read this article

MIA alumnus carves his way into music and film
Fanshawe Music Industry Arts (MIA) alumnus is proving to MIA students everywhere that there is a legitimate career pathway in the music and film industries. Read this article

Fanshawe launching 10 new programs for fall 2016
Responding to the demand of both students and employers, Fanshawe has made it its mission to implement enough courses each year to respond to the growing demand in the workforce. Read this article

Fanshawe student creates colouring book for survivors
With the help of Fanshawe's sexual assault prevention advisor Leah Marshall, Fanshawe student Tristan McDonald came up with a colouring book to give a voice back to survivors. Read this article

Recent fire department chief to lead new Fanshawe program
Brantford Fire Department chief, Jeff Mc Cormick, will join Fanshawe as the co-ordinator of the new fire inspection and fire safety education program, the first of its kind in Ontario. Read this article

Past FSU president takes home the Annual Charity Golf Tournament trophy
A Fanshawe alumnus and former Fanshawe Student Union president was the winner of this year's FSU Charity Golf Tournament. Read this article

Carrie Underwood leaves London in awe
Carrie Underwood put on an awe-inspiring show at Budweiser Gardens and Interrobang was there to capture some of the special moments.  Read this article

2016 first round NHL Draft prospect, Olli Juolevi
Olli Juolevi has made a big name for himself with the London Knights and he is one of the top prospects for the NHL's Entry Draft. Read this article

Sun's out runs out
Instead of hitting the gym or going for a casual stroll in the park, why not enroll you and your friends in a themed run. Read this article

Fanshawe's women's curling wins silver at CCAA Championships
After four days of a hard fought battle at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Championships, Fanshawe’s women’s curling team came second and the men’s team fifth. The final game for the women was against ... Read this article

Into The Wild: Art on the runway
Fanshawe's Fashion Merchandising students are given the chance to test their skills with the annual wearable art fashion show on March 30. This year, the theme is Into The Wild. “We are not fashion designers, we are the busi... Read this article

Patrick Johnston wins CCAA Coach of the Year
After coaching his team to a Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) bronze medal for the first time in Fanshawe’s history, men’s volleyball’s head coach Patrick Johnston was awarded the CCAA Coach of the Year. Th... Read this article

Men's volleyball capture programs' first ever national medal
In the final game of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Championship, the Falcons defeated the host Douglas College Royals in three straight sets to capture the bronze medal. This is the first time in Fanshawe’s hist... Read this article

Fanshawe's Centre for Academic Excellence hands out money to students
An ordinary day for Christina O’Neill was made extraordinary by Fanshawe’s president Peter Devlin when he handed her a $500 flex card. “I have an exam and [I was stressed because] today was so tightly packed and when [Dev... Read this article

Fanshawe women's basketball win OCAA bronze medal
Fanshawe’s women’s basketball team defeated the Algonquin Thunder to capture the bronze medal in the Ontario Collegiate Athletic Association (OCAA) Women’s basketball Provincial Championships. “It was rewarding getti... Read this article

Fanshawe's Women's volleyball takes bronze in OCAA Championships
Fanshawe women’s volleyball team captured the bronze medal at the Ontario Collegiate Athletic Association (OCAA) Women’s Volleyball Provincial Championships. Fanshawe last won an OCAA medal back in 2013. According to head c... Read this article

Men's volleyball wins OCAA Championships for first time in 46 years
Fanshawe's men's volleyball team beat the Mohawk Mountaineers at the Ontario Collegiate Athletic Association (OCAA) Provincial Championships in three straight sets to claim the gold medal and advance to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic... Read this article

Badminton's Matt Plachta named OCAA Coach of the Year
Head coach of Fanshawe’s badminton team, Matt Plachta was named Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA)’s Coach of the Year after taking his team all the way to the OCAA West Regional Championships. “I was very surpr... Read this article

The Coldest Night of the Year
On Feb. 20, Missions Services of London is hosting the Coldest Night of the Year for the fifth year in a row. It is a national, non-competitive, winter walk to raise awareness and funds for the hungry, homeless and hurting in the London area. ... Read this article

Dragons' Den is coming to London
Dragons’ Den is touring across Canada to find any hidden business ideas and allow that business the opportunity to find investments. On Feb. 13, they are making a stop here in London at the Windermere Manor, 200 Collip Circle from 11... Read this article

Share the Land celebrates its fifth anniversary
Share the Land celebrates its fifth anniversary on Feb. 9, as Music Industry Arts (MIA) students at Fanshawe come together to play their own creative covers of Canadian classics. “The students do all the work, I sort of coach them th... Read this article

Fanshawe to host 2017 CCAA Men's Volleyball National Championships
After unanimous approval by the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), Fanshawe Athletics has been approved to host the 2017 CCAA Men’s Volleyball National Championships. And out of the eight men’s teams who will be c... Read this article

From victim to survivor
“I think this was the moment I realized I wasn’t ruined, that even though he ruined my innocence as a child I would make it and I would be okay,” wrote one of the inspirational posts on Arrows of Bravery. Arrows of Bravery... Read this article

Volleyball teams start the year off strong
The holiday lull played no role in how both the men and women’s varsity volleyball teams came out in their first league games of 2016. Men’s volleyball On the Jan. 10, the Falcons travelled to Sheridan College to take on ... Read this article

Leap your way to $1,000
Leap Junction is giving Fanshawe students the chance to pitch a 60-second start-up business idea and be put in the running to win $1,000 on Jan. 28. The event is called Trampoline: Launch Your Leap and it is a twopart session. The first se... Read this article

How to take the perfect nap
The Christmas holidays are over and with them the chance to catch up on all the sleep you missed during the school year. As the assignments pile up in the new year and the classes seem to be demanding more and more, the comfort you felt over... Read this article

CMHA Middlesex offers empowering opportunities to students
“You may have a perception of what mental health looks like with individual clients; you have perceptions on how they are going to react, talk or behave and I am telling you that that perception will change 100 per cent while working one-... Read this article

Ninety-seven per cent of students in the paramedic program want to see change
Countless programs at Fanshawe College, including the Paramedic program, include mandatory fitness requirements in order to pass the program. Unfortunately, due to the construction of the new fitness and wellness centre to come in January ... Read this article

A walk through the greatest era in Red Wings' history
Bob Duff’s 50 Greatest Red Wings gives you a glimpse at the stars of the ice from the beginning of the Detroit Red Wings’ history. “[People] are pleased to see guys included from the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s b... Read this article

The grey area of sexual harassment
On Nov. 23, the government of Ontario released an ad on television to define what can be considered sexual harassment. It is the next phase of the government’s campaign to stop sexual violence and harassment. It was released by Premi... Read this article

Chair thief on campus
On the morning of Oct. 12, Arjun Bhardwaj, Fanshawe College's customer service representative, arrived for his shift at the Welcome Kiosk like any other morning. Although this morning would not be like any other as Bhardwaj immediately ... Read this article

Fanshawe lowers flags to honour victims of global tragedies
When the first bomb went off outside the Stade de France where a friendly game of soccer was taking place between France and Germany on Nov. 13, few inside the stadium even realized what was going on. But soon, the world would be transfixe... Read this article

Lemons and Lines: Why not make a blanket a fashion statement?
The newest trend in female fashion is also the comfiest trend: blanket scarves. As similar to many Ontarians, I hate winter. And even though so far this November we have had record- breaking warm temperatures, we know the cold is coming. B... Read this article

Ontario invests $27 million in youth entrepreneurship
The Ontario government has extended the Campus-Linked Accelerators (CLA) and On-Campus Entrepreneurships Activities (OCEA) for another two years. Initially Fanshawe, partnered with Western, was awarded a CLA instead of an OCEA in 2014 beca... Read this article

FSU to Adopt-A-Family this holiday season
For the past 10 years, Fanshawe Student Union has provided a Christmas for a local London family and this year is no different. The tradition began when FSU Publications began working with the Salvation Army in 2006 and shifted three years... Read this article

Ontario works toward ending sexual violence
The Ontario government has proposed the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan Act, legislation that would build a province where people are free from the threat of sexual violence and harassment. It would also strengthen the supports ... Read this article

10 years to end chronic homelessness
The Ontario government has committed to ending chronic homelessness in 10 years, implementing recommendations from an Expert Advisory Panel on Homelessness. Chronic homelessness is defined as an individual, often with disabling conditions,... Read this article

Fanshawe softball claims first ever medal in the OCAA Championships
In a 19-15 loss against the Humber Hawks on Saturday, Oct. 26, Fanshawe’s softball team took home a bronze medal, the first in the program’s young history. The softball team was established last year. “It is definitiv... Read this article

Parolin's key turn wins car giveaway
Jennifer Parolin, a mature student enrolled in the Practical Nursing program at Fanshawe’s Woodstock campus, is the proud new owner of a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze given away by the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and rebuilt by Fanshawe’s School ... Read this article

Fanshawe softball team secures first ever playoff spot
In only their second year of the program, the Fanshawe women’s softball team has made it to playoffs. The playoff spot was clinched on Oct. 13 in aConestoga College that saw the Falcons sweep the Condors, the first with a score of 6-2... Read this article

FSU's Cruze Into College giveaway draws nearer
One lucky Fanshawe student will win the keys to a Chevrolet Cruze on Oct. 21 in Z-building. With only a week left before the big day, all 15 finalists have been declared. They are as follows: Raymond Su, Alexander Ham, Sally Gunter, Holly ... Read this article

Oktoberfest comes to London
Kitchener-Waterloo’s iconic Bavarian festival comes to London the weekend of Oct. 9 and 15. This is the first time the festival has expanded beyond Kitchener- Waterloo in its 41-year history. “Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest ... Read this article

Fanshawe alumnus bikes across Canada to raise money for cancer
Fanshawe alumnus Vincent Long embarked on the trip of a lifetime on Aug. 27 after his long-time friend Silvia was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer. “Silvia had treatments a year ago, got through it, but then it came back ... Read this article

Fitness 101 creates themed days to help students' health and pocketbook
As most Fanshawe students are aware of, the fitness centre is under construction and will be until January 2017. But even with the construction, Fanshawe's Fitness 101 wants to make sure students are still able to stay active. “I... Read this article

New equipment for Fanshawe's fitness centre
Fanshawe students can now get a taste of what equipment will be in the new 2017 fitness centre with Fitness 101’s new initiative. From September until Dec. 1, Fitness 101 will be holding equipment demonstrations in the mezzanine, located on ... Read this article

OPSEU to organize part-time college support workers
Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) set out to prove that the third time’s a charm in their efforts to unionize part-time college support workers. Beginning on Sept. 1, OPSEU’s campaign will run until Sept. 1, 2016, ... Read this article

Dallas Smith becomes "The Song That's in My Head"
It was a sold out show with plaid shirts, jeans shorts, and cowboy boots filling Fanshawe’s J-Gym. The crowds filed in, shuffling as close to the stage as the barrier would let them, all eyes focused forward, hoping time would move fast an... Read this article

Falcons welcome former Canadian national team soccer player
Former Canadian national team player Jade Kovacevic has been signed to Fanshawe’s women’s soccer team’s roster for the upcoming season. “We are extremely excited to have Jade as part of our squad this year,” s... Read this article

More options for sexual assault survivors
Pro-rape chants at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, misogynistic Facebook posts by a group of dentistry students at Dalhousie University and a growing epidemic of violence against women on Canadian campuses have made sexual assaults a c... Read this article

Changes to bus stop area near T-building
From LED lights to cement barricades, the campus planning and capital development team is trying to guarantee the safety of Fanshawe students. “What we are trying to do is encourage pedestrians to use the crosswalk further down towards the... Read this article

Coaches' corner: A sneak peek into varsity sports this year
As the start to another school year draws closer, the Fanshawe Athletics department gears up for another exciting season of sports. With high hopes in all the varsity teams, head coaches spoke up to let the school know what the goals are for t... Read this article

Bike theft a problem on campus
For numerous students, a bike is their mode of transportation, their vehicle. If that bike is stolen, the student is left in a dilemma of how to get from point A to point B. This summer alone, there was nine stolen bicycles and two stolen ... Read this article

Fanshawe talent recipient of prestigious award
As his hand slowly wrapped around the guitar, as his eyes met the screen, and he began to click the proper fret buttons to match the rhythm of an AC/DC classic, Trevor Dubois was hooked on the music and on the instrument. After playing Gui... Read this article

Fanshawe student to win a car in 'Cruze Into College' giveaway
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) partnered with Fanshawe College’s School of Transportation Technology to restore a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze and give it to a student for free. “In SAC last year, there was a discussion regarding [gi... Read this article

Dallas Smith and Petric to headline Froshfest
Country music will be ringing through the halls of Fanshawe’s J Gym on Thursday, September 10. “For our frosh concerts, we always cycle through different genres for our headlining act,” said VP Entertainment for the Fansha... Read this article

Death near Fanshawe College
A 19-year-old man died in the hospital after being transported from Thurman Circle. According to a media release from the London Police Service (LPS), the LPS responded to a call on August 9 at 2:30 p.m., after an ambulance call was issued for t... Read this article

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