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"We are Indigenous": Fanshawe First Nations Centre launches new podcast
Fanshawe's First Nations Centre has launched a new podcast series. Read more

Fanshawe community protests OSAP changes
Fanshawe students and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) have joined in on the province-wide outcry against recently announced changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Read more

Fanshawe celebrates multiculturalism
Fanshawe will be holding performances and serving food at this year's Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) Cultural Awareness Fair. Read more

Student Choice Initiative endangers campus media
Ontario students are saying the Ford government's new Student Choice Initiative is placing campus journalism in peril at many colleges and universities. Read more

The Out Back Shack to host Bob Marley Birthday Bash
The Out Back shack is preparing to host a Bob Marley Birthday Bash themed pub night on Tuesday February 5. Read more

Princess Program: Making teenage dreams come true
Prom is one of the most memorable nights in many of our lives. Whether it was for the best or the worst. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Listen to your inner voice. If someone tries to lead you astray, question their motives. Read more

Polar Plunge asks students to freeze for the Special Olympics
London Police Service (LPS) is hosting a Polar Plunge fundraising event outside Forwell Hall on Feb. 13. Read more

A breakdown of Canada's newly implemented Food Guide
On Jan. 22, Health Canada revealed a revamped version of Canada's Food Guide, replacing the outdated 2007 food guide. Read more

Anova London in the process of developing pet policy
Anova London, a recent merger of Women's Community House and Sexual Assault Centre London, is in the process of developing a policy to allow residents to bring their pets in to stay with them at the shelter. Read more

Logistics and supply chain management heading to case competition in Chicago
Two teams of students from logistics and supply chain management programs will be attending a regional case competition in Chicago on Feb. 15 to 16. Read more

Innovation Works offers change of scenery
Innovation Works wants the Fanshawe community to know its doors are open. Read more



From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week and issue of the Interrobang. Read more

Why being in love is so great
Being single can be fun sometimes, but it sure doesn't beat how great it feels to be in love. Read more

Dear Valentine's Day, my old friend
Valentine's Day is a day worth celebrating, but there may be deeper aspects of it that people should think about. Read more


Five ways to get involved in the London Community this semester
Getting involved in London can be a way to try new things, learn new skills, and meet people outside the walls of school. Read more

Songs to add to your romantic playlist
Music can set the tone of any mood and can intensify both positive and negative emotions. Love songs especially have this effect. Read more

Alternative first date ideas
First dates can be daunting, but having something unique to do during that time may help put everyone at ease. Read more

Tips on enduring a long distance relationship
Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough, but there are ways to make it a bit easier for all involved. Read more

The idea of love at first swipe
When finding a new potential romantic partner is as easy as finding the newest pizza place, people are faced with so many more options. Read more

Five ways to spice up Valentine's Day
Falling into a routine is inevitable in any relationship, but it is important to switch things up every once and a while to keep things exciting Read more

How to support your significant other if they are mentally ill
The prevalence of mental illnesses seems to be increasing more and more in today's society. Not only can it be difficult for the person with the mental illness to deal with, but also their boyfriend or girlfriend. Read more

Five homemade chocolate recipes for your Valentine
Try your hand at cooking one of these five homemade chocolate recipes for that special someone in your life. Read more

Three Valentine's or Galentine's Day looks to rock this year
It is always a struggle to find the right outfit for a night out say if you have a date or just a girls night out. Read more

Five ways to stay organized this semester
With a few weeks of school already under the belt, it's all too easy to let good habits slip for the rest of the semester. Here are several ideas to help keep you on track for the next few months. Read more

Online shops for date night outfits
Whether it's just a simple movie date or going to Moxie's for a nice dinner, here are some websites to checkout when looking for the perfect date night outfit. Read more

Only Mine: A tame thriller and tragic story
Only Mine, released on Jan. 15, is one of the latest thrillers to appear on Netflix. Read more

MIA's Sneaker Club set to release debut single after local success
Things have really taken off for the second year Music Industry Arts (MIA) students in the local band Sneaker Club. Read more


Keto diet plus: Margarine versus butter and plant-based oils
One of the top five questions I get asked is, which is better: butter or margarine? Read more

Six DIY Valentine's projects
Can't think of a new gift to buy for your Valentine this year? Go special by creating the present yourself so that you can surprise your Valentine with something special. Read more

Tips to proposing
Proposing to your loved one is one of the biggest gestures you can do in your relationship so it is a given that it can come with a lot of pressure. Read more

Movies to watch on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is a great time to celebrate how much you and your significant other love each other. Your movie choice on Valentine's Day could make or break your night so it is important to choose wisely. Read more

Valentine's dating ideas that aren't Netflix and Chill
Thinking up new and unique date ideas can definitely be tricky sometimes. To help you out we've put together a list of some interesting date ideas to try out in the London area. Read more

A magical moment at Budweiser Gardens
Witches, Wizards, muggles and more crowded into Budweiser Gardens to take in the magical, wizarding and musical world of Harry Potter And The Chamber Of SecretsRead more


Albert siblings lead volleyball teams to success
Sibling duo Zach and Janelle Albert grew up playing volleyball. Now, as Fanshawe students, they are lending their experienced talents to their respective teams. Read more

The 2019 Jaguar F-Pace S
The Jaguar F-Pace has been with us since 2016, and it hasn't changed much at all. So, is it showing its age, or is it the automotive equivalent of Rekha or Christie Brinkley, forever timeless. Read more

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