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How to make the most out of your summer
With only a few weeks left of the semester, it's easy to think of all the things you are NOT going to do once the school year wraps up. Read more

Fanshawe to host first Open School chapter event
Fanshawe's first interprofessional Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School meeting will be taking place on Monday April 15, 2019. Read more

Fanshawe hairstyling alumnus wins big at Contessa Awards
Dustin Schumann, former Fanshawe student, was named the 2019 Multicultural Hairstylist of the Year at the Contessa Awards Gala in November of last year. Read more

Fanshawe Falcon receives prestigious National award in women's volleyball
It's been a quite the year for Fanshawe Falcon Janelle Albert, outside hitter and team captain for the Fanshawe Women's Volleyball Team. Read more Local startup with a global vision is a startup tech company centered in London that gives students and music teachers a platform to connect, a concept unlike any other in the industry. Read more

Fanshawe Falcon named OCAA women's volleyball Player of the Year
Janelle Albert, second-year outside hitter for Fanshawe Women's Volleyball Team, was named Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) Player of the Year. Read more

Fanshawe women's volleyball team clinches gold at OCAA Championships
The Fanshawe Falcons women's volleyball team secured gold at the 2019 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) women's volleyball Championships on Feb. 24. Read more

Fanshawe's Passport to Wellness Program: Setting you up for success
The Passport to Wellness Program is a series offered by Fanshawe to educate and encourage a balanced lifestyle. Read more

Campaign advocates for student mental health change
On Jan. 30, 2019, #StudentsLetsAct campaign launched across Canada to advocate for policy change on post-secondary student mental health. Read more

Five ways to understand and celebrate the diversity around you
Observing and understanding cultural differences is a great way to become more connected in the Fanshawe and London communities. Read more

Five ways to stay organized this semester
With a few weeks of school already under the belt, it's all too easy to let good habits slip for the rest of the semester. Here are several ideas to help keep you on track for the next few months. Read more

Anova London in the process of developing pet policy
Anova London, a recent merger of Women's Community House and Sexual Assault Centre London, is in the process of developing a policy to allow residents to bring their pets in to stay with them at the shelter. Read more

Five ways to get involved in the London Community this semester
Getting involved in London can be a way to try new things, learn new skills, and meet people outside the walls of school. Read more

"We are Indigenous": Fanshawe First Nations Centre launches new podcast
Fanshawe's First Nations Centre has launched a new podcast series. Read more

Five New Year's resolutions you can actually keep
With a new year comes the idea of starting fresh. It's the cycle of New Year's Resolutions. Read more

Professor wins national respiratory therapy award
Julie Brown, professor and co-ordinator of Fanshawe's respiratory therapy program in the School of Health Sciences, is a strong leader, an excellent teacher and displays passion for her work both in and out of the school. Read more


Five ways to cope with mental health issues over the holidays
The holidays can be a very joyful time, but it can be a very busy time as well. Often when going home from school there are people to see, things to do and events to attend. Read more

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