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The Christian arsenal against climate change
Opinion: Battling the effects of climate change requires the cooperation of a global, spiritual community. Read more

Inconvenient religious symbols
By now you have probably heard that Quebec has a new law that bans public servants in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols. Read more

God and the work-and-rest equation
Life is short. Do you really want to spend your free time scrolling? Read more

Places of worship
Presented is a guide to places of worship that are local to Fanshawe's Oxford Street campus, as well those that have limited alternatives in London. Read more

God probably exists. So be happy.
There are a number of criticisms that people have against Christianity. You have probably come across some of them. Read more

The Bible: Here's one way to start
Sometimes people ask me for a copy of the Bible. That's not a problem. I've given away a fair share of them. Read more

A simple but powerful message of love
If you have never heard a priest, pastor, or minister of a church speak, you might wonder what kinds of things they say. Read more

A conspiracy theory unmasked
At this time of each year Churches around the planet begin a time period called Lent. It starts about now and lasts 40 days. Read more

How churches can now be seen as too diverse
Some people say that they stay away from, or have distanced themselves from the Church, because it is not committed to the inclusion of a diversity of people. But I think that often it is exactly the opposite. Read more

Religions from around the world
Learn about the religions practiced by various cultures across the globe. Read more

Lady Gaga, the church choir and a portal to an enduring world
My parents immigrated to Canada before I was born. It was important to them to worship God in the way they had been brought up. Read more

Don't expect too much from your job
When it comes to looking for a job, well the first thing I would say is, God bless you! It's tough to go on a job hunt. Read more

The concept of being a sinner
Meditating on the nasty effects of your sins can have the benefit of making you aware that you need forgiveness and a change of life. Read more

Twenty-nineteen: The Year of Truth
I committed perjury. That is, I lied under oath. Here's the story. I worked for a small trucking company. The owner had his own issues and the business was struggling. I felt a lot of loyalty to him. Read more

A desert temptation makes Christmas understandable
In my last column I wrote about a story that appears a couple pages into the Bible. It is the story of how Adam and Eve, the first human pair in the Bible, were seduced into sin. Read more

Jordan Peterson's read on the Bible's "Coming-of-Age" story (and how to improve on it)
Jordan Peterson is known for offering unexpected perspectives. His views on Marxism, Feminism and Gender are contentious to some. Read more

Remembering the Fallen, my own way
Fallen, I stopped organizing Remembrance Day ceremonies and I do not anymore attend them very much either. Read more

Teen to adult: Transitioning into the post-school world
Becoming an adult can be a tough thing to go through, but remembering your responsibilities over rights is a key stepping stone to making that transition. Read more

The ethics of Jesus, part three: Adultery
Committing adultery is something clearly not seen as a wise move even in Jesus' time, but it still happened from time to time. Read more

Miami is sinking: Catastrophe and paralysis
Caring for the Earth is one thing, but taking as many steps, both big and small to actually make a difference is key to trying to save the environment. Read more

Mental Health: Are you in isolation?
Making the right choice doesn't always come easy, but if you listen to the word of God, the process of morality may be a bit clearer for you. Read more

Under the influence: Understanding a Commandment
Jesus mapped out his ethics near the beginning of one of the written versions of his life. This one is called Matthew. Read more

Education, wealth and power
Happy are the well educated. The rich can look forward to a fulfilling life. Blessed are the well-armed nations. Read more

Thoughts about leaving the Catholic Church
As the Catholic Church has more negative things come out into the open, many may be wondering why some people are still members of the church. There can be reasons why some stay and why it might be wise to attend a Catholic service once in your life. Read more


Raining ashes on a bejeweled planet and how to save it
A year ago I visited Waterton Lakes National Park on the southern border of Alberta. Spectacular. Today when I go online to view images of the park, the ones that dominate are also spectacular, but in a different way from what we prefer. Read more

Diversity Is Our Strength: Get to know the variety of religions the world has to offer
Diversity should be seen as a strength. People make up parts of a body that come together to function as a whole, each bringing unique gifts and ideas to the table. Here are some examples of the different forms of religion one may identify with. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Climate change activists, don't give up
Today, as I write, is a good day for climate destruction and bad one for all those who have been active in the battle to save our global environment. The reason? The U.S. president signed an executive order cutting down what reporters are calling former President Obama's climate change legacy. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Opening borders: An act of faith
It was a bit awkward to watch him refusing to shake the hand of German chancellor, Angela Merkel. In ignoring her request during their photo op the U.S. president communicated that the two have their differences. Read more

Rumours of Grace: The Tale of the Good Asylum Seeker
The CBC has posted a story about Winnipeg restaurant owner, Mohammed Naser. There are of course many restaurant owners in Winnipeg. But what sets Naser apart from many others is that he is a refugee from Syria. Read more

Rumours of Grace: The lost habit of rest and why we love Trump
We like our caffeine fixes. They get us moving each morning; especially if they are laced with fructose laden flavour shots and, of course, the well-established standby, white granulate sugar. Read more

Religion: different paths to the same destination
There are many theories regarding the origin of religion in psychology, sociology, anthropology and every other field of human research. It was a theory proposed by sociologists that religion is basically a culture or a way of life, which includes the ethical rules, language and behavioural etiquettes. Read more

"Anything positive is accepted": Fanshawe's religious accomodations
With social movements and battles creating norms of those less-favoured ideals of the past, establishments of all sorts are working in supporting the diverse range of religious beliefs of people by making accommodations and facilities increasingly common and easily accessible. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Weddings and marriage, are they overrated?
A couple of weeks ago I listened to a middle-aged woman tell the story of the breakup with her husband. He came home one evening and they began talking about going out for supper. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Shootings and accusations
Canadians place a high value on inclusion and diversity. Yet, the shooting at the Quebec mosque reminds us that not everyone embraces those values. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Political gods and demagogues
Someone asked me the other day if I thought that the new U.S. president is the antichrist. I replied that as far as I know he is just a man, an ordinary human like the rest of us, neither totally evil nor good. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Dancing with nihilism
December 2016 is done and January 2017 is here. Most of us probably said, shouted or screamed, Happy New Year, a few days ago and it would be great to think that we are one month closer to a future that is happier than the present, but we have to wonder. Read more

'Tis the season to celebrate more than Christmas
Christmas is traditionally a Christian festival, celebrated annually by billions of people religiously and culturally. For most, what comes to mind: is gift giving, caroling, Christmas music, an advent calendar, pine trees, bright lights and big turkey meals. Read more

Rumours of Grace: The God who picks up rags
Give yourself a bizarre experience this Christmas: read the two stories - both almost 2,000 years old - of the birth of Christ, of Jesus. They are both contained in the Christian Bible. Read more

Rumours of Grace: It's restorative justice week
The inside of the building is lined with hard materials so that the noises of doors opening and slamming shut are magnified. The hundreds of people housed in it are kept in locked cells and permitted out only at required times such as for meals and outdoor recreation. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Someone has passed away: Now what?
The mortality rate is high, extremely high. The human mortality rate is 100 per cent. This stat comes with a margin of error of plus-minus zero. Read more

Rumours of Grace: While the world burns, dividends keep coming
This past summer was hot; hot, dry air helped advance the fires in Fort McMurray, southern Ontario became toasty and Canada's east coast did not have a drought, though it didn't look good for a couple of months. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Rising rates of student suicide and depression
According to a recently published CBC article, there is a mental health crisis among Canadian college and university students. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Trump, gender inequality, churches and a glimpse of God
Commentators on the Clinton vs. Trump Sept. 26 debate are making the point that gender inequality was reflected in comments Trump made. He said that he did not believe that Clinton has the stamina to be the president of their country. Read more


Rumours of Grace: The magic of doing good
Why do bad things happen to good people? This is a question people often ask. It is true that bad things do happen to good people; however, there is a larger phenomenon that we can keep in mind: good things happen to good people. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Call home
There are many insights that people who are not of aboriginal decent can pick up from Canada's native American communities. One of them is to value our elders. Read more


My decision to remain abstinent
Many people ask me how I do it, but I think the most important question is why. Why do I choose to abstain from sex? I have come to understand that I am a part of the minority of people who choose to remain abstinent. Read more

Rumours of Grace: Collateral damage
According to an article in the Financial Times, Rio hosted the Olympics at a cost of about $6.2 billion. Cheap compared to, say, the London Summer Olympics, which came in at $15 billion, according to an article by National Public Radio. Read more


Rumours of Grace: Radicalization - A word that's not always negative
Radicalization is a word we have been hearing a lot recently. We use it to describe what happens when young people join violent Muslim organizations. The thinking is that normal young people would not join such a group. Something must have happe... Read more


Cinema Connoisseur: A horde of Lord films
Easter is once again upon us, and as usual, Jesus seems to be taking a back seat to the bunny. Oh sure, I'm part of the problem — I will purchase chocolate for my children. And like any responsible parent, I will eat that chocolate wh... Read more

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