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Arbitrator resolves outstanding issues between OPSEU and CEC regarding the new collective agreement
The new collective agreement between OPSEU and the College Employer Council has finally been formed as a result of binding mediated-arbitration. Read more

Fanshawe drop out rates reaches over 2,000 students after province-wide college strike
Over 2,000 Fanshawe students chose to withdraw from their semester of studies due to the five week-long, province-wide college faculty strike. Read more

Ontario Students United association plan walk-out at 13 colleges across the province
The Ontario Students United (OSU) association is organizing a walk-out event at 13 colleges across the province in order to bring their petition demands to the public. Read more


Multiple student associations say the Student Support Fund is insufficient
Several student associations from across the province are urging the provincial government to reconsider the structure and regulations pertaining to the Student Support Fund. Read more

MPP Teresa Armstrong visits Fanshawe College
NDP MPP for London-Fanshawe Teresa Armstrong visited the Fanshawe London campus to speak to students regarding the impact the Ontario college faculty strike has had on them. Read more

FSU add strike FAQ section to their website
The Fanshawe Student Union has added a list of frequently asked questions with answers regarding the aftermath of the faculty strike on the strike update section of their website. Read more

Fanshawe faculty and students return to classrooms after weeks off due to Ontario college's faculty strike
Back to school, back to class, back to stress, semester saved for over 43,000 Fanshawe students and faculty as Ontario government takes action in halting college faculty strike. Read more

NDP leaders visit faculty at Fanshawe College
Interrobang spoke to Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath and MPP London West Peggy Sattler on Nov. 13th when they visited Fanshawe faculty members on the picket line. Read more

Students rally outside Fanshawe's London campus
On Nov. 10, a few dozen students rallied outside the Fanshawe London campus in order to voice their opinions regarding the current Ontario college faculty strike happening across the province.  Read more

Faculty members to vote on CEC's latest offer of settlement
Following four days of a media blackout, both the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) and the College Employer Council (CEC) have updated the public on negotiations at the bargaining table. Read more

Students First Rally
Interrobang was in Queen's Park on November 1st to cover the Students First Rally, where Ontario college students voiced frustrations, concerns, and their desire to get back in the classroom. Read more

Student association presidents meet with Minister Deb Matthews
Eight college student association presidents met with Deb Matthews last Thursday, Oct. 26 at Queen's Park to express the concerns raised by students as a result of the strike. Matthews is the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development for the province. Read more

VIDEO: Coverage of OPSEU rally in Victoria Park
Interrobang was on hand to cover the OPSEU and supporters rally on Oct. 26th in Victoria Park, and also spoke to Don Sinclair, CEO of College Employer Council. Read more

Fanshawe faculty and OPSEU supporters rally at Victoria Park
On Oct. 26, Fanshawe College faculty and supporters of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) strike negotiations, held a rally at Victoria Park before marching over to Deb Matthews' constituency office to deliver a letter.  Read more

What Fanshawe students are saying about the Ontario college's faculty strike
Interrobang reporter George Maragos spoke to Fanshawe students to get their opinions on the Ontario colleges' faculty strike, and also spoke to OPSEU Local 110 President Darryl Bedford. Read more

College student association presidents call for provincial government assistance in resolving strike
Eight student association presidents including FSU president Morganna Sampson signed an open letter that is calling for the provincial government to continue encouraging both OPSEU and the College Employer Council (Council) in getting back the bargaining table. Read more

Fanshawe landscape design students miss out on planned semester abroad in Europe
Fanshawe landscape design students are voicing their concerns to government officials, news outlets and the College after their planned semester abroad in Europe was cancelled as a result of the faculty strike. Read more

Strike in full swing across 24 Ontario Colleges
The hallways at Fanshawe College were almost vacant on the morning of Oct. 16, as a result of the Ontario Public Service Employee Union (OPSEU) faculty strike. Rather than teaching students in their classrooms, Fanshawe faculty members created picket lines around the College. Read more

OPSEU sets Oct. 16 as strike deadline across 24 Ontario Colleges
A strike deadline has been set by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) for Oct. 16 at 12:01 a.m. Read more

Ontario college faculty vote in favour of a strike mandate
On Sept. 14, faculty from across all 24 colleges in Ontario cast their ballots to determine if their bargaining team would have the power to institute a strike. After the dust had settled, 68 per cent voted in favour of a strike mandate. Read more

Faculty strike vote and bargaining talks on the rise for Ontario Colleges
On Sept. 14, a faculty strike vote will take place to determine whether the faculty from the 24 colleges from across Ontario support the Ontario Public Service Employees Union's (OPSEU) or the College Employer Council's (Council) vision for the future of the college system. Read more

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