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Ranking amongst the top


Men's and women's soccer and both cross country teams are the four Fanshawe sports ranking in the top 15 nationally.

Kaine Kindla | Interrobang | Sports | October 17th, 2016

Fanshawe not only shines academically, it also excels athletically, with four of our varsity teams placing in the top 15 national rankings. The sports teams appearing in the rankings are men and women’s soccer, as well as the men and women’s cross country.

Jade Kovacevic continues her fierce lightning strikes as the women’s soccer team has rocketed to the number five spot in the rankings, beating the likes of Conestoga and St. Clair. They remain undefeated as the year goes along and they lead the Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA) West Division in both goals for, with 32, and only one goal against.

The men’s soccer team (5-1-1) is ranked 13th nationally. They’ve climbed to that spot recently and with their ability to score they’ve taken the lead in scoring with 20 goals, the highest in the OCAA West Division.

Men’s soccer coach Rob Pereira was asked how his team is able to be so successful.

“We are successful because we have a lot of talent and because we’re committed to working hard. We have a group of players that have played together for a while both at Fanshawe and club, which helps with developing chemistry in the group. We have a deep roster with a lot of talent which allows us to change the way we play at any moment in the game.”

Pereira was also asked to give his thoughts on the ranking list.

“Rankings both provincially and nationally are nice but subjective and they don’t win you games or championships. It’s important we keep our focus performing well each and every day [in games and practices] and the rankings will take care of themselves.”

Pereira also acknowledged his confidence in his team’s ability to continue their dominant success.

“I’m confident we will continue to work hard and give ourselves a good opportunity to achieve our goals.”

The cross country teams have also garnered their own success with the men’s team ranking second nationally. In both the races so far, the men have won with the lead runner Seth Marcaccio finishing individually with bronze and gold respectively.

The women’s cross country team have placed themselves in eighth nationally, within the two races this season, they finished third and second as a team. Individually, Stacey Andrews has finished in sixth and third place.

Fanshawe varsity teams are just starting up and with these four leading the rankings, the college is looking to have a good year all around athletically. The only thing the teams can do is climb higher until they are number one and if these numbers are any indication, they can achieve this goal with ease.

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