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Where to get comics and other geeky items

Emma Fairgrieve | Interrobang | Lifestyles | March 8th, 2019

Comic Con only comes around once a year and it offers so many geeky items. Posters, comics, figurines, games, and other merchandise. However, many geeks need to geek out more than once a year. London offers so many different types of stores for every type geek. From the comic book geeks to music geeks, London has so much to offer. The following is a short list of stores that you might want to check out to fulfill your inner geek.

Heroes Comics:

Located at 186 Dundas St., Heroes Comics as the name suggests sells comics. From well know publishers like DC and Marvel to many indie publications, they sell single issue comics, compilations and graphic novels. The store also sells figurines, pop vinyls, retro toys, card games like magic the gathering, and collector sports cards. They also buy and sell many collectors comics and other geeky items.

Neo Tokyo:

If you love anime and manga, Neo Tokyo will probably quickly become one of your favourite places in London. Located at 787 Dundas St., the store offers pretty much everything Japanese. The store sells candy, manga, anime and other anime and manga related merchandise.

Worlds Away:

On 666 Dundas St. sits Worlds Away. Worlds Away specializes in Magic the Gathering, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and other science fiction and horror franchises. Selling comics, magazines, T-shirts, posters, action figures, model kits, toys, movies, role playing games, board games, card and gaming supplies, science fiction and fantasy paperbacks. The Store hosts Magic The Gathering tournaments every week as well as other tournaments. Times for games can be found online or in store.

Game Cycle:

For the movie and video game lover, here is a place where you can find some used games and movies. Game cycle on 972 Hamilton Rd. and 79 Wharncliffe Rd. S., allows you to buy, sell and trade your used games and movies. The store also offers collectibles and retro games. Some retro game systems they sell include Game Cube, Super Nintendo, Atari, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis just to name a few.

Über Cool Stuff:

Über Cool Stuff has two locations in London, 122 Dundas St. and 123 Carling St. The store offers board games, card games, pop culture merchandise and other interesting products. They sell merchandise from franchises like Star Wars, Doctor Who and Pusheen.


A local gold mine for anyone who loves records and CDs. Located at 236 Dundas St., the store offers used and new vinyl. The store buys, sells and trades records and CDs. The store even hosts in store performances for local musicians. Some chains at Masonville Mall to check out include: Hot Topic, Spencer’s, Sunrise Records and EB Games.
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