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Interrobang issue for Friday, March 8th, 2019

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Teddy Bear Drive to brighten lives of sick kids
Dealing with a serious illness may be scary for a young child, but having something lovable to squeeze can help make the experience a little bit easier. Read more

Ryerson to consider study day
Ryerson University is reviewing exam policies to potentially introduce a school-wide study day, said president Mohamed Lachemi. Read more

Funding announcement "disappointing" for Ontario sexual assault centres
The director of a London-based sexual assault centre is saying that the Ford government is not providing enough funding to meet an increasing demand for its services. Read more


World News: What's going on with India and Pakistan?
India and Pakistan have been locked in a struggle over Kashmir for more than 70 years and the restive region is back in the news again this month. Read more

Fanshawe spirit to shine at Fanshawe's open house
Fanshawe College and its many campuses will be having their annual spring open house on March 23. Read more

Raising the Bar educates public to make music events safer
Raising the Bar, an initiative created by The Canadian Live Music Association, in collaboration with Anova, Over the Bridge and the London Juno host committee, launched in London on March 4. Read more

Splash'N Boots protest Ontario Autism Program changes
Children's entertainers and 2019 Juno nominees Splash'N Boots have joined in the protest against the recent changes to the Ontario Autism Program. Read more

Transforming the fashion body with this year's Unbound fashion show
Third year students of Fanshawe's fashion design program are undeviatingly working toward this year's Unbound fashion show set for April 13. Read more Local startup with a global vision is a startup tech company centered in London that gives students and music teachers a platform to connect, a concept unlike any other in the industry. Read more

Fanshawe's ties to Juno week
The countdown is over and Juno week is finally about to break out full force across London Ont. Read more


A simple but powerful message of love
If you have never heard a priest, pastor, or minister of a church speak, you might wonder what kinds of things they say. Read more

Video games may be ruining your relationship
Being in the room when your boyfriend or girlfriend has been playing a video game all day is a state you never want to see them in. Read more


From the Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week and issue of the Interrobang. Read more


Looking back at the history of cartoons
Saturday cartoons found their early origins in the 19th century and into many household's hearts. Read more

Five must-see movies coming to theatres
Spring is around the corner, but before you end hibernating and spend more time outside, take the time to check out some great movies instead. Read more

Pre-spring clothing options
Here are some pre-spring clothing options for the days where it feels like spring is here. Read more

Understanding the art of meditation
Understanding meditation isn't as difficult as it may seem. Read below for some key components of meditating. Read more

The top four best drugstore face moisturizers
Without a doubt this time of year, we are all desperately looking for the best (and cheapest) moisturizer. Read more

7 dog breed groups for the dog geek
Dogs may just be the greatest gift on earth and it is OK to geek out over them from time to time. Read more

Board games everyone should own
Looking at expanding your board game collection and taking your games night credibility to the next level? Then look no further. Read more

How to survive Comic Con and other conventions
As exciting as conventions maybe, there are some things you should keep in mind while attending one. Read more

How I would survive a zombie apocalypse
Here are some tips to how you would have a better chance surviving a zombie apocalypse and keep in mind that zombies may end up being the least of your worries as people are fighting for survival and are willing to do anything they can to protect themselves, their families and their friends. Read more

Where to get comics and other geeky items
London offers so many different types of stores for every type geek. From the comic book geeks to music geeks, London has so much to offer. Here is a short list of stores that you might want to check out to fulfill your inner geek. Read more

The evolution of video games
Video games have a rich history that has evolved over 60 years to become what it is today. Let us take a look at the evolution of such a diverse landscape. Read more

The history of memes
It seems impossible to go online without encountering a meme within the first minute of browsing. Read more

Anime's inception and journey across the seas
Did you know that anime is just a shortened form of animation? That's right, in Japan anime means no different to any type of animation produced in America. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Live in the moment, and go where the action. Personal gains can be made if you use your intelligence to bring about change. Read more

May the Devil Take You: A tepid love letter to The Evil Dead
Though skilled in the art of gore-tastic filmmaking, Indonesian director Timo Tjahhanto appears to have fallen for this trap with his disappointing follow up, May the Devil Take YouRead more

Four best burger joints in London
Burger joints have evolved to the point of any combination of toppings, meats, or even beyond meat burgers are possible to find locally. Chains like A&W, McDonald's and Wendy's are excluded from this list. Read more

The new Canada's Food Guide (Part 1)
Canada's Food Guide has been around since 1942 when it was called Canada's Food Rules. It was and still is, meant to be a tool to educate consumers about healthy eating. Read more


Fanshawe's women's basketball members win big this year
Fanshawe's women's basketball coach wins Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) coach of the year and Chuot Angou is named OCAA women's basketball player of the year. Read more

Automotive Affairs: The 2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo - funky and fast
The very first Hyundai Veloster showed up in 2011 and it was a car that I was most looking forward to testing because it looked like nothing else in the market. Read more

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