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Dinosaur extinction tied to sexual preference claims Paleontologist

Harv Ballbanger | Distorter Media | Distorter | February 4th, 2008

The long held belief that the ice age led to the eventual extinction of all species of dinosaurs has been turned on its ear with the release of a controversial new study.

According to Dr. Maricallo Bujarron, who recently completed a two-decade study at the University of Barcelona in Spain, dinosaurs might have been puffs in a study published in the leading archaeological journal, Boners.

Archaeologists at the University's School of Digging assisted Bujarron in his investigation into the social habits of the stegosaurs, by analyzing thousands of bio-clues discovered in a warehouse in Greece, and field research in Italy, Cyprus and Spain.

Bujarron told the Distorter that “The stegosaurs was an extremely gregarious creature. They would roam in large groups that were predominately male, think 95 per cent to five per cent split, and evidence suggest they liked to engage in sexual relations. It's no wonder they died out.”

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