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Yoga: a way of life
Yoga, although misconceived as just a form of physical exercise that is too slow for a lot of people's liking, is a form of exercise that works towards not just achieving personal fitness goals, but also experiencing the movements and achieving. Read more

Sustainable Joes: Rethinking sustainability
On Tuesday, March 28 in Forwell Hall, Stephen Szucs will be answering questions and talking about his documentary Sustainable Joes - The Time is Now. This will be a free event for all students. Read more

Escape the world with LARPing
LARPing, or Live Action Role Playing, is more commonly explained to be similar to the board game Dungeons and Dragons, but playing it live with costumes instead of playing it on the board. Read more

Religion: different paths to the same destination
There are many theories regarding the origin of religion in psychology, sociology, anthropology and every other field of human research. It was a theory proposed by sociologists that religion is basically a culture or a way of life, which includes the ethical rules, language and behavioural etiquettes. Read more


Here's the glue to piece your heart back together
Breaking up with someone is like leaving a part of you behind. We are not robots that can just turn off or transfer our feelings, thoughts and aspirations for someone we once shared a relationship of love, affection and respect with.  Read more

Yoga: A way of life
Yoga, although misconceived as just a form of physical exercise that is too slow for a lot of people's liking, is a form of exercise that works towards not just achieving personal fitness goals, but also experiencing the movements and achieving equilibrium in the brain. Read more

Organic does not mean unaffordable
Healthy eating is key to a happy heart. However, no matter how careful we are, it's hard to stay healthy when we don't know how our food is grown. Read more


ZZZ leads to a healthy brain
There have been many studies explaining the relation between sleep and physical health for an individual. However, lack of proper sleeping etiquette acts like a slow poison for mental health as well. Read more


A pleasurable surprise waiting at the back door
Anal sex is considered to be a taboo in our society because of the stigma around it. Thankfully, Interrobang is here to change the stigma and introduce you to a whole new world. Read more


Foreplay: Do it before you screw it
According to Urban Dictionary, foreplay is defined as touching, kissing and licking each other in a stimulating manner in order to become turned on before having sex. Read more

Campus security tries to help combat rising levels of spiked drinks
The Campus Security Services office at Fanshawe is providing an alcohol test called drink smart tabs, which were designed for the safety of students. Read more

Fill your fridge with food other than pizza: The Ultimate Grocery Guide
A look at where to buy groceries in London, and even how to get there. Read more

Knights win the Memorial Cup second time in team's history
The London Knights brought home the Memorial Cup to expectant fans in Victoria Park on May 30. Read more

Walk against poverty at the World Partnership Walk
On June 5 at Victoria Park, an afternoon filled with fun, entertainment and food along with the 32nd World Partnership Walk will take place. Read more

Cycling infrastructure to improve for Londoners
Ontario has committed a budget of $375,000 to increase and improve the cycling infrastructure for the city of London. Read more

Mystery shopping: Fairy godmother or evil stepmother?
Mystery shopping is an opportunity to go Sherlock Holmes on a business outlet to get free stuff in return. This sounds like a win-win, especially for students who have some time to conduct research and fill out a survey answering detailed ques... Read more


Canada welcomes international students with open arms
The new government has made it easier for international students to gain citizenship in Canada. “International students are the best candidates to be citizens of Canada. We are seeking them out and as are other countries in the world... Read more

Stevie Starr visits Fanshawe and bewitches everyone
Stevie Starr, widely known as the Professional Regurgitator, left the students at Fanshawe College in awe with his performance. Stevie Starr performed at Fanshawe on March 3 in Forwell Hall. Performing all his popular acts that made him a ... Read more

Dreams vs reality: International student's journey to Fanshawe College
Moving to a foreign country to study has become a trend thanks to increasing globalization. With hopes of experiencing something new and amazing, many international students from more than 60 countries move to Canada every year. Internatio... Read more

Fanshawe Indian Club: Inception and beyond
“Leaving home to come to a foreign country to study and [to have to] handle school, work and house pressures all on your own is not easy,” said Rishabh Rai, founder of Fanshawe Indian Club (FIC). With the support of Fanshawe In... Read more

Fanshawe alumni dips into the pool of success
“When I tell people that I’m from El Salvador, they’re all like, ‘Wow that’s exotic!’ And I’m like, ‘No, it’s not! It’s just El Salvador’,” said Fanshawe graduate Edgard Humb... Read more

Fanshawe student leaped his way to $1,000
Fanshawe’s Amol Pai won $1,000 at Trampoline: Launch Your Leap, a 60-second business pitch competition conducted by Leap Junction. Leap Junction is a start-up business consulting office located at Fanshawe College. They organized a p... Read more


Expand your horizons at this year's International Week
International Week will be held on the week of Feb. 1. It is a week, held annually, where the International Centre of Fanshawe College allows networking opportunities for students from various programs to get involved in their own communities ... Read more

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