A pleasurable surprise waiting at the back door

Anal sex is considered to be a taboo in our society because of the stigma around it. This has led to a belief of anal sex to be ‘dirty’ and ‘degrading’. Thankfully, Interrobang is here to change the stigma and introduce you to a whole new world.

If done correctly, anal sex can bring a lot of pleasure to everyone.

The anus has a lot of nerve endings, which makes it really sensitive to stimulation. This is why squeezing the buttocks is always pleasurable during foreplay. In fact, the perineum (the area between scrotum and anus) is actually considered to be an important erogenous zone.

The anal hole is tighter than a vagina, which provides more stimulation during penetration, making it more pleasurable.

For women, apart from the nerve endings, the anus and vagina share an internal wall, which makes most of the important vaginal nerve endings accessible from the back entrance as well. Also, the G-spot can be stimulated through the rectum, making G-spot orgasms possible for women through anal sex.

“Most women are repulsed by the idea of anal sex thinking it is dirty and must be painful. I have also received an objection against it that it is meant to be an exit not an entrance,” said Christina Antonyan, an author at confidentlover. com answering questions on Quora, a question and answer site.

“What most people are not aware of are some delightful options available for proper anal stimulation.”

In order to safely and correctly try anal sex, follow these four steps.


It is important for you and your partner to talk it out before attempting anal sex. Communication makes it easy for the partner at the receiving end to prepare themselves for what is coming and relax themselves enough to gain pleasure from the experience.


Another concern a lot of people might have is that anal sex might be dirty. It sure could be sometimes; however, if proper hygiene is maintained, there is nothing to worry about. It is also wise to eat appropriately, and stay away from spicy food or curry before practicing anal sex. However, to maintain proper hygiene, an enema is recommended to clean up the anal canal thoroughly. Try not to do this too often as frequent enemas can dry out the anus and lead to anal tearing.


Anal sex doesn’t happen like it does in porn. In porn, the preparation before anal sex is not shown which includes all the hygiene and safety measures before the act. The active partner needs to show a lot of patience towards the receiving partner, to make them ready before penetration. The sphincter or the anal ring is sensitive as well, and needs to be opened up graciously without rushing it. Even after insertion, you may not want to start thrusting right away. Patience is a key throughout the act to make it pleasurable for both partners. It is also important to start small, with fingers or a toy and slowly move your way up to a penis.


Lots of lubrication should be used to have anal sex, since it does not naturally produce lubricants like a vagina. The walls inside the anal canal are much thinner and vulnerable than the vaginal walls, which is why it might be painful if not done right. “I have tried it. I was extremely nervous before it,” said an anonymous Fanshawe student. “However, my partner was very patient and it turned out to be so intensely pleasurable, that we actually felt that our bond became stronger because now, I am his in every way.”

Anal sex doesn’t have to be a scary or painful experience. As long as both partners understand what’s expected of them and are prepared, there shouldn’t be any problems.

So go forth and put it in the butt.