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Interrobang articles by Jerrold Rundle

New London compilation by local musicians a six-pronged hit
A local group of indie bands released their own flexi disc compilation on April 1, titled New London. Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Creating life and exploring our genetic past
For my final entry in Scientific Adventures we'll be taking a look at the origins of ancient bacterial photosynthesis, as well the smallest synthetic organisms ever made. The origins of photosynthesis explored A Colombian researc... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: New info sheds light on the mysterious Tully Monster
This week we go back to the age of dinosaurs, with new information on fossils of a so-called monster and bird legs getting a little prehistoric. Tully Monster is explained… sort of In 1958, Francis Tully, an amateur paleontolo... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Amber preserves 99 million-year-old lizard
Lizards in amber are oldest found A team of herpetologists who were recently allowed to study private collections of amber at the American Museum of Natural History have discovered the oldest known preserved lizards ever found. By ... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Shrimp-like creatures nervous system preserved in 520 million year old fossil
One-year mission astronaut and cosmonaut return home Astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko returned from their 340-day stay on the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the one-year mission. Run by NASA in conjunct... Read this article

Jump into the weird, weird world of Anime
The anime industry is a behemoth that continues to grind out several dozen new series every quarter across a variety of genres, following idols, magical girls, mech pilots and regular teenagers. Because of this, it's also a fairly common reaso... Read this article

Fighting evil by moonlight
When Naoko Takeuchi decided on revamping her beloved Sailor Moon franchise, it was under her terms completely; she was determined to not make a simple reboot of the 1992 anime. For fans of the dubbed North American version it may not make sens... Read this article

Lego: a history as the unknown phoenix
“I remember Lego being cheaper than this when I was a kid.” “Yeah, it’s ‘cause of these branded sets, they drive the price up now.” “Whatever, they’re just kids toys.” LEGO fa... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Gravity waves detected after black hole pair become one
Einstein’s prediction proven 100 years later U.S. physicists proved the concept of gravitational waves in a set of cataclysmic observations with their work published in early February. For the first time ever, fluctuations in space... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: The age of cybernetics is upon us
This week we look into the next generation of real-life cybernetic research, while the international rocket scene is getting some high profile attention, thanks to Kim Jong-un. First non-invasive cybernetic implants helping humans walk ag... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: NASA rover gives a dozen reasons to celebrate Mars
The pursuit of knowledge on Earth is still going strong, but for this week’s scientific roundup the focus will be off-planet. Smith Cloud on edge of Milky Way a “boomerang” Astronomers have analyzed data from a well... Read this article

Power Couples: Ruling Modern Comics
Throughout the ages there have always been power couples, Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Superman), Susan Storm and Reed Richards (Fantastic 4), not to mention the infamy of Jean Grey and Scott Summers' (X-Men) multiple relationships; super powered... Read this article

Calculus origins 1500 years older than originally believed
The world is shaken up by Britain's new “okay” on human embryo testing, while the roots of calculus are revealed to be much older than earlier thought in this week's romp through the scientific world. Ancient civilizati... Read this article

Keep your unusual unicorn pumps at home
Everyone has heard about the dangers of not wearing the right footwear for the occasion: sprained ankles when hiking in sneakers; scraped feet while wearing flipflops while cycling; the list goes on. In the workplace though, not having the... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Pluto-killer strikes again, finds new planet
This week we look at dissolving medical sensors, the possible discovery of a new Neptune-sized planet at the fringes of our solar system and 2015 being the hottest year on record. New silicon sensors biodegrade Scientists from two Mi... Read this article

Pocket Mortys: A clone to rival all clones
You step out of a green portal and immediately the blast of humid jungle air hits your face; you are in an alien world. To your left and right grows a lush pink forest, all vaguely cuboidal. Though, in front of you sits a monstrosity. The creat... Read this article

Turning your skin into insulin, with science
We are only a few weeks into the new year and the research world has already kicked themselves into high gear. Here’s what all those scientists have been keeping themselves busy with over the holidays. A cure on the horizon for diabe... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: SpaceX and Blue Origin are going to infinity, and beyond
Just because it was winter holidays for students doesn’t mean the world of science took a break as well. Here is what you may have missed while you were busy with turkey dinners and too many desserts to count. New elements confirmed... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: 2015's science news in review
With 2016 now upon us, let us look back at five of the largest scientific events last year. NASA makes it to Pluto When NASA launched the New Horizons probe in 2006, they had to wait quite a while for it to reach its destination, Plu... Read this article

London's Aaron Wallis gives us a look at the DIY punk scene
Aaron Wallis hails from the town of St. Thomas, 20 minutes south of London. The musician, having moved from the small town after high school, is now an active member of London’s DIY punk scene. Playing bass in the three-piece noise r... Read this article

Yule: Discovering the origins
Everyone knows the traditional 12 days of Christmas, the Yule log, the Christmas tree, but does anyone know where these traditions came from, as they don’t actually originate from Christianity. Instead, these traditions come from the Germa... Read this article

Geek gift guide
When shopping this winter for your geeky sibling, significant other or co-worker you got paired with in secret Santas, you’re going to want a decent gift that they’ll enjoy and London has the perfect place for you to start shopping. ... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Hybrid water bears
Science news this week was full of more out-of-this-world discoveries, including a new object in our solar system and new information about a tiny immortal creature. Immortal creature Tardigrades are a lovable microscopic species tha... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: Mars' moon is doomed
This week's newest scientific discoveries make for some exhilarating info to wrap your science-hungry minds around, including a cataclysmic event yet to come and new materials helping the medical world of tomorrow. Martian moon ... Read this article

Scientific Adventures: "Assisted evolution" may save reefs from extinction
Several new medical discoveries were published this month including the first ever case of using gene-editing to save a one-year-old from terminal cancer. There was also a technique performed in Toronto, which penetrated the human blood-br... Read this article

Previously thought old and dead, the Milky Way's core is making stars again
While the International Space Station (ISS) and international partners celebrate 15 years of continuous human presence in space and the data analyzed from Jupiter’s icy moon revealing a previously unknown chemical seeping from the cracks... Read this article

Different ways to ID species lead to schism within science community
Stretching east of Papua, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands are host to a variety of species. One that has specifically eluded ornithologists, those who study birds, is the moustached kingfisher. The moustached kingfisher is brilliantly colo... Read this article

Welcome to The Woods under the Wisconsin moon
The premise is simple. A small U.S. high school containing some 500 staff and students are transported from their normal lives in suburban Wisconsin to a moon somewhere across the galaxy. A moon full of winged multi-eyed monstrosities bent on ... Read this article

Pioneer Village spookin', scarin' and creepin'
More than 150 years ago, London’s early settlers huddled together around cooking fires, retelling paranormal tales of hauntings, creatures in the night and witchery. These storytellers wove their tales not for fun, but as stern warnings f... Read this article

Science adventures: aliens and elephants
While many discoveries continue to be made in science, new outer space research and information on the DNA of elephants took top spot this week. Aliens In 2009, the Kepler space probe was launched, meant to look for exoplanets, or p... Read this article

Recent scientific adventures
As the Federal election is on the minds of most Canadians, researchers around the world are still hard at work in their respective fields, bringing more information to the masses every day. I will take this space to share some scientific news ... Read this article

Contaminating recyclables costs big money
Over recent years, London’s recycling program has seen an increase to its services, from the introduction of newer, larger, blue boxes made from recycled plastics to allowing more forms of plastic and paper into the recycle stream. This i... Read this article

Local artist Davita Guslits shares where her inspiration comes from
Clarence Street in downtown London is known as a hub for local music with Call The Office, the APK, Grooves and the VibraFusion Lab sitting side by side. Vibrafusion is the newest of these music venues and is a place where film, art and mu... Read this article

Flowing water discovered on Mars
Scientists from NASA have unveiled a historical revelation that changes how we view one of our neighbouring planets; the government organization in partnership with teams from Georgia Tech and the University of Arizona has found non-direct evi... Read this article

The astronomical phenomenon that is space is slowly becoming less mysterious
September is busy for everyone with new classes, new friends and new experiences. But the world of science doesn’t stop for your schedule, especially the work of astronomers and physicists studying outer space. So for all of you who have ... Read this article

Confessions of the Canadian porn comic king
The Canadian king of cartoon debauchery, Robin Bougie has been self-publishing for over 24 years including exploitation publications like Cinema Sewer and Sleazy Slice, and the non-fiction Graphic Thrills about America’s XXX film history... Read this article

Fanshawe grad hosts House music bands in his basement
Recent Fanshawe College Music Industry Arts (MIA) graduate Preston Lobzun has been busy. Between playing bass or drums in numerous death metal and noise bands, running the recently defunct house venue Satan’s Cove, he still finds the... Read this article

Five tips for safe kink
The lights are low, you’ve lit a few candles and your partner’s lying in front of you. It’s time to do the deed. The horizontal limbo. You know, sex. But wait! Out of the blue, your partner suggests something new, som... Read this article

New link in the evolutionary puzzle discovered
When Steven Tucker and Rick Hunter found an exceptionally narrow cave in South Africa during a 2013 expedition they didn’t realize what they had discovered. With a photograph of a mandible protruding out of silt on the other side, the pa... Read this article

Farinas and Freitas to headline this year's London Comic Con
The weekend of Sept. 25 will see the Western Fairgrounds Progress Building hosting the London Comic Con, a three-day event, which includes cosplay, videogame and geek culture. Comic book professionals Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas will ... Read this article

The summer of stupendous science
The summer is a time for beach days, working a minimum wage job and generally goofing off until you remember needing to apply for OSAP. If that sounded like your summer this article is meant to give you a quick update on the scientific discove... Read this article

Making London music more melodic
With large music events like the Block Party coming to London, it is sometimes hard to remember the local scene, slugging along in basements and back alley venues. Though over the last year London’s music scene has once again reared it&r... Read this article

Get your geek on at Comic Con
If you are looking for a geek fix, but could not make it to Fan Expo in Toronto this summer, do not fret as events organizer Jake Windatt has you set. September 25 to the 27 sees the Western Fairgrounds Progress building transformed into a... Read this article

City cycling: New summer, new plans, new paths
With the beginning of summer just around the corner the City of London is getting ready to ensure Londoners feel safe and welcome when they get on their bikes. With over 91 km of bike paths already spread throughout the city across green s... Read this article

Rockers creating big sound waves
Canadian indie rockers in the band Zerbin have been touring across Canada since 2009, but it wasn’t until winning awards in 2012 at Edmonton Music Awards for Best Single and Music Video of the Year that creative brains frontman Jason Zer... Read this article

Starry skies on summer Saturdays
With the continued excitement of NASA’s James Webb Telescope, set to be launched in late 2018 as a much-needed update to Hubble, as well as recent news about protesting around Hawaii’s Mauna Kea proposal for the world’s larges... Read this article

Street safety soars, railways roar
As you wander the streets of London this summer, whether exploring a new area in the sun, stumbling home after enjoying a night of patio partying or visiting a favourite haunt with friends, it’s important to remember you aren’t alon... Read this article

Alumnus a cut above the competition
Fanshawe College has always been a hotbed for talent and award winners from filmmaking, to music production, to athletics. Now the school can add a nationally renowned hairstylist to its roster. Dustin Schumann, a graduate of Hair Stylist ... Read this article

The artistry of fan favourites
Michigan – shaped like a mitt, home to a crashed economy and where the stellar comic books of Jeremy Bastian and David Peterson are born. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking from East Michigan University, Bastian... Read this article

One giant leap for twin brother astronauts
Humans began a new era of space exploration research on March 28, as astronaut Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Korniyenko rose from the Baikonur Cosmodrome atop a Soyuz lifting body, beginning Expedition 43 – a 350-day (one-year) missi... Read this article

London SHIFTs into high gear
Students were invited to help shape the Forest City’s transit future on March 25. With London’s population set to grow by 77,000 over the next 20 years and students currently accounting for up to 40 per cent of LTC’s ridership... Read this article

The Great Lake Swimmers' return to Forest City
Tony Dekker and Great Lake Swimmers call Toronto their home, but it seems the band always returns to the Forest City. The group is set to release its sixth full-length album, A Forest of Arms, April 21. Dekker explained the band’s Lo... Read this article

Zoo animals on the prowl at Forwell
Students and staff were greeted to unusual and furry sights if they spent noon hour at Forwell Hall March 11. Zookeepers Carl Tordiff and Jennifer Bird from Jungle Cat World brought an array of animals to the school for an educational outreach... Read this article

Canadian comics can kick ass too
Canadians have been steeped in comics since their tight-clad heroes and villains lept into the 20th century-from Nova Scotia native Hal Foster illustrating Tarzan in 1929, to Joe Shuster’s drawing of Superman in 1933. Despite the contrib... Read this article

Pokémon Shuffle: Please pay to continue
As I’m playing round 75 the tedium sets in. It goes like this: play five rounds, and for each round played, a life is used. After that, you must wait 30 minutes to recharge each of the five lives, totalling two and a half hours or start s... Read this article

Canadian artists have a lot to offer
CAIRO – A History of Reasons Rating: 3 out of 5 Indie ambient folksters CAIRO have been floating around Toronto’s scene in its current form since 2011, releasing the EP Young Love on Bandcamp in 2012, while more recentl... Read this article

Ron Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins play at Call The Office
Influential to the Canadian indie music scene since the ‘90s, Ron Hawkins started with The Lowest of the Low, gaining a gold record with Shakespeare my Butt, later forming Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails. Hawkins is now fronting The Do G... Read this article

Wacky, weird and twisted stunts by Monsters
Students were treated on January 28 to the “most extreme two man circus side show county magic extravaganza,” as the Monsters of Schlock explain themselves. Forwell Hall hosted Burnaby Q. Orbax and his brother Sweet Pepper Klopek m... Read this article

How much are you willing to give EA?
When you buy a magazine, do you pay more to continue reading an article inside? What about that side of fries-did the Oasis make you pay per each starchy golden potato cut? That’s the way free-to-play games work, with micro transactions ... Read this article

Catching fire: smart hydro meters getting replaced
In a move that’s sure to give the Ontario government more headaches in the coming months, on January 22 a recall of almost 5,400 recently-installed smart meters was issued by the Ontario Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to Ontario’... Read this article

Blast from the past: Old games available online
Glancing across the map, your legion sits on the shores of the Mediterranean, ready to advance, ready to conquer. This is the setting for Centurion: Defender of Rome, one of the 2,300 MS-DOS games recently compiled and playable in a single sea... Read this article

Looking forward to 2015 night skies
Treated to the surprise Camelopardalids meteor shower, a partial solar eclipse and Comet Lovejoy’s travel through the constellation Orion – 2014 was a busy year for London’s astronomers. But 2015 will have amazing sights and c... Read this article

Give us what we want - a Pokemon review
I’m a Pokéfan, I’ll admit it. When Pokémon came to North America in the ‘90s I was hooked – the cards, the video games, the show, the merchandise. I fell for Pikachu and the gang of 149 friends – 150 w... Read this article

Last year was all about rockets, rockets, rockets
The year 2014 was a good year for space enthusiasts. Between Stephen Hawking negating his black hole theory with new grey holes, and the flurry of rocket travel in the latter part of the year, the previous year gave thousands of hours of resear... Read this article

Country foursome Lunch at Allen's
After writing and recording for over 40 years, touring with Tranquility base, The Boomers and penning the Bob and Doug Mckenzie Strange Brew theme, Ian Thomas decided to join with long-time friend and Juno winner Murray Mc- Lauchlan and other ... Read this article

Rosetta's Philae historic comet landing a little rocky
More space news this week: the European Space Agency (ESA) became first to successfully orbit a comet and land a probe on its surface. The ESA reported on November 12 the Philae Lander payload detached from the Rosetta Probe, reaching the surf... Read this article

Is easier access to online gambling a good thing?
Early in November the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) began sending email notices to its Winners Circle Rewards Program members; 53,000 Ontarians who spend a substantial amount of money gambling. Inside the email was news about MyOL... Read this article

Continuing space exploration despite disaster
On October 28, the Antares rocket launched from Wallops Flight Facility Virginia, carrying the Cygnus CRS Orb-3. The first stage booster, a retrofitted 40-year-old soviet rocket, which Elon Musk has publicly called a joke in the past then expl... Read this article

London gets guerrilla planted fruit trees
London’s chapter of Food Not Lawns (FNL) teamed up with Steve “The Tree Hustler” Leroux to bring a bit of flair to the Forest City tree cover on November 1. The volunteers guerrilla planted over a dozen fruit and nut beari... Read this article

Cops shave heads for Cancer
Over 20 members of the London and St. Thomas Police Services, Fanshawe College and Western University campus police gathered with members of the OPP at Masonville Place for a new haircut on October 18. Cops for Cancer is an annual fundrai... Read this article

One small step for man, one giant leap on Mars
Population on the Red Planet has steadily grown since the 20th century – but not with humans. Following NASA, Russia and the European Space Agency (ESA) – India has sent a probe with its own triumph for the records. The Mangaly... Read this article

Carly Thomas: A world-travelling songwriter-singer
Carly Thomas moved to London three years ago to escape the B.C. grind and be closer with family. It turned out to be just the kick her career needed, with the release of a new EP Explode. The progressive indie folk artist talked about her ... Read this article

John Southworth debuts first double album Niagara at The Palace Theater
John Southworth is as ambitious as he is talented. The Canadian singer/songwriter released his first double album Niagara – with Canadian and American sides respectively – on September 30, no small feat for an artist who already... Read this article

FAN Smart Cards are not so smart
Fanshawe College students returned to a slightly different system for boarding buses this year. Or at least that was the plan. The London Transit Commission began on-site testing of an electronic fare program in April, one that wou... Read this article

Local band Single Mothers comes home
Hailing from the Forest City, punk quartet Single Mothers will return September 26 to Call The Office as part of its North American promotional tour for its debut fulllength album Negative Qualities. Guitarist Micheal Peterson was availa... Read this article

Prominent downtown bookstore closing
Entering the shop feels like a different era, with almost 30,000 books on display. The owners help with any book request, knowing the exact place of the inquiry. It is the quintessential used bookstore. PT Campbell BookDealer is the busi... Read this article

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