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Break and enters and a variety of assaults on the rise around Fanshawe and Western student neighbourhoods
Fanshawe College and Western University student neighbourhoods and surrounding areas have become the chosen locations for criminals to seek assault and break and enter opportunities. Read more


Multiple student associations say the Student Support Fund is insufficient
Several student associations from across the province are urging the provincial government to reconsider the structure and regulations pertaining to the Student Support Fund. Read more

Ontario Students United association plan walk-out at 13 colleges across the province
The Ontario Students United (OSU) association is organizing a walk-out event at 13 colleges across the province in order to bring their petition demands to the public. Read more

Former Fanshawe Vice President Student Services earned well-deserved lifetime achievement award
An outstanding woman who has dedicated almost 40 years of her life to a career at Fanshawe College has been recognized for her excellence. Read more

Ontario government will allow Indigenous post-secondary institutions to independently grant post-secondary degrees and diplomas
After a long time of negotiations between the Aboriginal Institutes Consortium and the government of Ontario, the move to allow Indigenous post-secondary institutions to independently grant post-secondary degrees and diplomas is finally in motion. Read more

Fanshawe's Gary Curtis, receives an Outstanding Educator award from OACETT
Gary Curtis, a Fanshawe civil engineering professor, recently received a prestigious award for his contributions in educating civil engineering students. Read more



From The Editor
Welcome back Fanshawe students, staff, faculty and community members to another week of classes and another week of a new Interrobang. Read more

India vs. India: Divided within one's own circle
Fanshawe College has been serving international students for more than 20 years. Students from more than 70 countries are representing their countries and making their mark internationally. Read more

The reason we need to lower the cost of animal adoption
While many people want to own a pet - and who wouldn't - there can sometimes be significant financial hurdles in the way. Lowering the cost of pet adoption would make it easier for everyone to get the animal cuddles they want, thereby improving the quality of their lives. Read more


Gift guide for bakers
This gift guide is an inside look on what to get the baker in your life for Christmas. If you choose any of these items you can guarantee that it will be a gift that keeps on giving. Read more

Gift guide for musicians or music lovers
Though it may be easy to shop for music for the average person, finding the perfect gift for a musician or music enthusiast can be a much trickier task. What do you get for the musician who has everything or the listener who's heard it all? Read more

Book lover's guide for this holiday season
Winter is the best time of year to curl up with a book on a cold night with a cup of warm cocoa. Why not enjoy one of the books from this list of recommendations this holiday season? Read more

Tech gift guide
Technological innovations are continuing to alter our society with each passing day. Here are a few gift ideas for tech lovers this holiday season. Read more

Games to make you happy this holiday
Take an adventure into fantastical worlds during the holiday with new video games out this winter season. Read more

Fanshawe student's recipe to be featured in the Forest City Cookbook
Second-year culinary management student Wenhong Wang will have one of her recipes featured in the upcoming Forest City Cookbook. Read more

Some must-read books to get your hands on over the holiday break
The holidays are fast approaching and that means one thing: time to cozy up with a hot cup of tea and a great book. Entering bookstores can sometimes be a little overwhelming, since there is usually a ton of choice and it can be hard to find what it is that you're looking for. Here are some ideas for the hottest holiday reads and gifts that your loved ones will be sure to love. Read more

Health and Fitness: Healthy Holidays
This time of year, it's easy to hang up your health and fitness goals and say, I'll get back to it in the New Year. It may seem easy, but it actually makes it 10 times harder in January. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Face opposition as well as your own demons. Make amends and put the past behind you. Know when to admit you were as much to blame as anyone else. Read more

Lost In Japan: Pure talent and success for Fanshawe MIA alumni formed band
Lost in Japan is an indie rock band that's been taking the local music scene by storm. Read more

Re-sponsible re-gifting
Tips for handling the always awkward re-gift.  Read more

To be a Savvy Scrooge: DIY gifts under $15
Here's a few million dollar ideas without breaking the budget and guaranteed to be a hit in their perfect eyes. Read more

DIY Christmas cards
What better way to show off your (perhaps non-existent) art and creativity skills by making a handmade Christmas card. Don't worry if you're not that artistically inclined, we've included detailed instructions on how to make some easy, yet professional-looking Christmas cards for your friends and family this season. Read more

What You didn't Know about popular winter holiday celebrations
It's the most magical time of the year. The holiday season is steeped with tradition across cultures and throughout history. There may be some things people don't know, as well as some interesting similarities to celebrations throughout the world. Read more

Slumber: A Familiar Nightmare
Have you ever woken up in a dream feeling like someone was sitting on your chest? Or dreamt you were running, but were actually not getting anywhere? Read more


Men's volleyball team remain undefeated
The men's volleyball team is off to a fantastic start this season, ranking fifth nationally. As of Wednesday Dec. 5, the team remains undefeated with a score of 9-0. Read more

Fanshawe members compete in 2017 Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings Championships
Members of Fanshawe's curling team participated in the 2017 Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings Curling Championships in Ottawa. Read more

Knights' Night: As Knights keep rolling, Dale Hunter reaches 700th OHL win
The year is 2001. Dale Hunter has just taken his first ever coaching job as the bench boss of the London Knights. Read more

The 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport: A family friendly performance car
The Hyundai Elantra is a fine compact sedan, in fact, it is one of the best. So, would the product improve even more, if more power was thrown into the recipe? Read more

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