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Interrobang issue for Friday, January 31st, 2020

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Fanshawe OSLT grad eager to use skills with Burger Factory
Burger-lovers of London were so determined to try one of Burger Factory's cheeseburgers during their grand opening, they stood in a line that extended to the Oxford Learning Centre. Read more

Addressing climate change with creative works
Creatives of all kinds concerned about climate change have a chance to be published. Read more

CRI secures cannabis license
The Centre for Research and Innovation is heading for greener pastures with its new cannabis research license. Read more

Four London pre-apprenticeship programs receive Provincial boost
The Ontario government will provide funding towards pre-apprenticeship programs to fill a skilled trades shortage. Read more



From the Editor
Greetings, readers from the Fanshawe community and beyond. Welcome to the Diversity issue. Read more

Bell - let's talk
Let's take the conversation off the internet and into real life. Let's see you be the change you want to see. Read more

Is Canada's multicultural mosaic in jeopardy?
Canadian identity is influenced by many, many different cultures and traditions. Read more

Oscar nominations disappoint again
Another awards season, another conversation about diversity. I have to wonder: If we talk about this every year, why does nothing change? Read more

Does the Christian Church stifle diversity?
Opinion: All churches can do better about being inclusive. Read more

How my learning disability impacts me as an adult
Opinion: I'm thankful that I can use computers to accommodate my learning disability (LD), but that doesn't erase the impact my LD has on my life. Read more

Editorial: Western can't ignore sugar babies on campus
Western's student sugar baby population has more than doubled over the past year, according to a major sugaring platform. Read more


Rising up in women-dominated professions: The glass escalator
Women have come a long way to gain independence and rights that should have been available to them from the beginning. But the fight is not over. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: The Ranch: Part 8
The Ranch: Part 8 released last week and is now the longest-running Netflix original comedy series. Read more

Missing and murdered indigenous women and girls: what Fanshawe students should know
A tragic storyline that has been suppressed for too long has been finally spreading awareness among Canadians. Read more

Combating ableism in our school: what ableism is and being an ally
Ableism is discrimination in the favour of able-bodied people. With that said, most people reading this are probably thinking to themselves that they do not do anything outwardly ableist on purpose. Read more

Running the interracial dating dash: A historical approach
Challenges, bigotry and isolation are all factors that people in interracial relationships have to endure. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Gather facts before you take on something or someone that is not likely to share our beliefs or opinions. Read more

When is Pride marketing opportunistic?
A common question that has gained traction over that past couple years is, can Pride marketing be problematic? Read more


These are a few of my favourite things
It's my last article with the Interrobang after many years, so I'd like to sign off with a few of my favourite things about Fitness, wellness, health, etc Read more

Podcast Review: Showmance
Showmance is a podcast for Glee fans brought to us by two members of the cast. Read more

Sustainability Bulletin: Diversity is important to sustainability
Diversity in sustainability presents a chance for inclusion and acceptance of all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, background and social status. Read more

Local cultural clubs
London has a diverse population, however sometimes people miss being surrounded by things relating to their own personal heritage. Read more

Local international grocery stores
There are several groceries stores here in London that stock up on products from different cultural groups around the world. Read more

Types of drag you may not know of
With Canada's Drag Race coming to CraveTV, there is ample opportunity to see the range of what Canada's drag scene has to offer. Read more

Do you know your pride history?
The 1960's was a very dark time for men and women. Expressing any sexuality other than heterosexual was considered illegal. Read more

Annual heritage fair to honour history of WWII
The Heritage Fair is a chance to get closer to history, honour Canada's veterans, and learn a little more about the connection that London has to the Second World War. Read more

Deadcon: A wannabe horror
Deadcon, was not only painful to watch, but is a disgrace to the horror genre. Read more


New basketball, volleyball records set during Falcons Fest quadruple-header
Fans of the Fanshawe Falcons witnessed some milestones during the volleyball and basketball quadruple-header against the Humber Hawks. Read more

2020 BMW M4 Cabriolet: A farewell letter
This is not going to be like the usual, weekly review, because this is a farewell letter to one of the greatest cars we've had on sale in Canada over the last half-decade. Read more

Falcons Volleyball dominates "Bell Let's Talk" matches
On Jan. 22, Fanshawe's men's and women's volleyball teams squared off against the Redeemer Royals as part of Bell Let's Talk. Read more

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